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I don’t recommend Cooperators

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jeff c Jun 02, 2019
...We had a basement flood caused by a blocked drain in our walkout. Cooperators sent their contracted investigator out. He assured us the damage would be covered. Talked to someone near Ottawa who denied our claim and became rude and argumentative when I questioned him on his decision. Extremely poor customer service. It took him almost 4 days to deny our claim. If I hadn’t done the tear out of all my carpet, under padding, trim and 1 ft of drywall myself it would have sat their collecting mould for those 4 days. After being denied I found out it still counts as a claim because I notified them and they sent out an investigator to do a report. So frustrating. Cooperators is awful...
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Worst Insurance CO-OPERATORS

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Client from Ottawa Dec 06, 2018
...We were customers of Co-operators for over 10 yrs. Recently, we cancelled our home and auto insurance with them. Even though they sent an email that they cancelled the policy, they kept on automatic deduction from our account. When we try to deal with it, the people there were very rude and would not admit that they have made a mistake. The Insurance Agent hung up the call when I tried to explain the error. They are nasty and just a bunch of thieves. Please think twice before dealing with the CO-OPERATORS. Don't waste your hard-earned money...
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Scarborough office

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Single mother of 3 Oct 15, 2018
...Scarborough Cooperators - worst experience with a company ever. The original broker was a lovely man. The new broker took over, who does not return calls and ignores clients even when issues are urgent. He does not have any idea what policies I held with his office and actually told me I didn’t have any when there are 2 life insurance policies, medical insurance and a home owner’s policy in addition to there being a renter’s policy - at least there was supposed to be one. He actually cancelled my renter’s insurance without any notification and I didn’t find out until 10 months later when I contacted him about a claim. This despite the fact that his office was also covering a vacant home insurance policy and they had been in communication with me more than a dozen times about it and were aware the house was still undergoing repairs/renovations. Initially, he said he would take care of the problem as I had never cancelled the policy myself - but then he never responded and would not return phone calls. Absolutely horrible experience during a very stressful time. Do not go with this broker...
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Brock S Co-operators

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by SPECIALISTDR Aug 02, 2018
...This branch of Co-operators is horrible. They do not return phone calls - even when urgent (despite the fact that their answering machines say they will get back to you by the end of the business day) - they do not communicate effectively. In fact, they did not answer when they were expecting my call until I blocked my number! When I did call, they said my agent was not in that day and yet I could hear his voice in the background!!! They cancel policies without warning (they claim to have sent a registered letter but when I asked them to show that it had been delivered they could not). Just to put this review into perspective, I decided to go with Co-operators because my sister-in-law's father was the president of the company at the time, so I was a loyal customer for over 20 years. I was absolutely shocked at the way I was treated/ignored. I am a professional in an advanced area that understands customer service. The lack of compassion and empathy displayed by everyone at this office was disgusting!...
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Client for years

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by James W. Nov 04, 2017
...30 plus years with the company. Had a few bumps in the road. Last 3 years have been amazing at the Whitby ON agency. The agent who took over has provided us with the most amazing service year after year. Always calls back when he says he will. Thoroughly explains everything about our policy renewals, even how the increases were calculated. I honestly know more about insurance since he became our agent. I can’t speak for all the other locations but if you’re in Ontario, you want Chazz Okparanta to be your agent. This young man is the best they got...
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Great service

(4.5 out of 5 stars)
by The Buffer Apr 08, 2017
...Have been with Co-operators for many years and in different provinces and have been very pleased with the service. Had a 3 year review of policy and they have saved me some money. The Dartmouth office staff are excellent and very helpful. Last year had a home claim and could not say enough about the service and assistance. Excellent all around in time of stress. Would recommend to others...
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