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Passive/aggressive attitude

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mark99 Aug 06, 2019
...I am going through a claim for damages incurred in a rental property. This is the first claim ever after 15+ years of having all my insurance needs done through Cooperators. I am sorry to say that this has been a very poor experience, with an aggressive adjuster making every bit difficult for me. Having been caught to enforce an eviction notice, Cooperators has added to my anxiety and difficulty of dealing with this situation. I will be switching my cars, home and rental properties away from them even if I have to pay more at my renewal...
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Claim Paid Out in 3 weeks

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by EdmNic Jul 31, 2019
...I switched to Co-operators and 3 months later our cars and house were broken into. We had an adjuster within 48 hours and were paid out our claim for everything withing 3 weeks - depending on how fast I got the information back. The process was easy fast, and because of the claims forgiveness, our rates didn't go up. Super happy with the service and claim experience...
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I don’t recommend Cooperators

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jeff c Jun 02, 2019
...We had a basement flood caused by a blocked drain in our walkout. Cooperators sent their contracted investigator out. He assured us the damage would be covered. Talked to someone near Ottawa who denied our claim and became rude and argumentative when I questioned him on his decision. Extremely poor customer service. It took him almost 4 days to deny our claim. If I hadn’t done the tear out of all my carpet, under padding, trim and 1 ft of drywall myself it would have sat their collecting mould for those 4 days. After being denied I found out it still counts as a claim because I notified them and they sent out an investigator to do a report. So frustrating. Cooperators is awful...
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Terrible coverage

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by balog May 21, 2019
...Very pleasant folks, but I was very disappointed with the coverage. (or lack of) on water damage in my basement. The entire policy is rigged in their favour with a lot of covering disclaimers so that they don't have to pay. I have been a loyal customer with Aaron Cronk in Oakville for many years but will not be dealing with them again...
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Overall pretty good

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by BLS Apr 16, 2019
...Unfortunately, I have had several claims with the Cooperators. I have a condo and have had three very unfortunate water accidents in 13 yrs. The first two claims I had with the Cooperators, I would give them 6 stars out of 5 if I could. The adjusters were very polite and kind, very respectful and professional. Returned calls and emails promptly. Amazing... an A+. This time around, I have a claim still in the works, the original adjuster I spoke with was very polite and professional. Wonderful! However, the adjuster that was assigned to my case gets a C-. He doesn't return emails and seems mediocre and uninterested. Of course, my premiums and deductibles have increased, but that is the way of insurance... If it wasn't for the mediocre experience with them this time I would have to give the Cooperators a 5-star rating and would encourage others to give them a try. Thank you...
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Making a claim

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Phyllis May 16, 2018
...We have house insurance with Cooperators. We had very bad weather one day. Wind and rain in Windsor, ON. We woke up to our main floor family room with the floor flooded. We had never experienced this. We purchased the house 6 years ago. It ended up being a leak in the roof. We had no visible way of knowing this until the floor flooded and we exposed the wall. We made the claim and it was denied because of a seeping water clause. You pay so much money every month on time. You get insurance thinking they have our back. There always seems that they can deny you with the fine print. It's very upsetting. Why do you have insurance I wonder sometimes...
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Home insurance

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Fort mac May 13, 2018
...Had a claim for smoke and appliance damage in the Fort McMurray fire and they said my insurance wouldn't go up much but it nearly doubled from 3000 to 5700, what a joke of a company...
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Completely Incompetent!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Still fighting for my repairs Apr 17, 2018
...I have been insured with the Co-operators for 5 years now and in 2017 I had to claim twice for water damage due to negligence from another unit in my building. Everything is fine when all you do is pay your yearly fee, but as soon as you need to make a claim, nobody will return a call or email, you essentially don't exist. Excuses upon excuses, lies, lack of communication, and "preferred vendors" are a complete joke! My repairs should have been limited to new bathroom and bedroom flooring, a small amount of drywall, and paint... I am now heading into the 1-year mark and I'm still fighting tooth and nail to have my repairs completed. Something so simple as using COMPETENT tradespeople seems foreign to them. I am on my 6th adjuster as all the ones before were unable to meet the requirement of DOING THEIR JOB, so I would be given a new adjuster when I complained up the ladder. Even trying to speak to a supervisor or manager is next to impossible. Word to the wise, stay FAR FAR AWAY from using this company. You and your home mean nothing to them but a paycheque, and once you require their services, they will try to deny everything, if you can even get a response back from them at all. The worst customer service I have experienced in my entire life, and I have been forced to re-insure with them as no other company will touch me with two open claims. Thanks for nothing Co-operators, you have been less than stellar and definitely do not live up to your name!...
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Water leak

(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by Playdough Jan 25, 2018
...I have my home,car and motorcycle insurance with cooperator for many year now. I when with this company because I'm offered a discount with them through my work. Witch I don't think is much of a discount in my opinion. I had a leak around my chimney and water leaked on to my tv witch I purchased for $1500. I only got to enjoy it for eleven day and by the time I notice the leak it was to late. I decided to make a claim. I figured why not that's why I pay for home insurance. After speaking to them and sending them picture. It didn't take them long to deny my claim I was told this kind of leak is not covered. I was disappointed with them. I've never made a claim before and aways paid on time. Its real amazing to me how insurance company's can do this to hard working people. I will be looking for a different company as soon as my policy is up. I will not be loyal to any of these companies anymore. I will shop around every few years to get the best rates possible...
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Too hard to deal with

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Leithann Jan 02, 2018
...Had a break-in up north in the early spring. We had theft coverage but it took three phone calls for someone to actually discover that. When they finally did admit we had theft insurance their excuse for not checking with the other calls was that most clients don't have on cottage property and the customer service agent I spoke to was new. We have never made a claim in 40 plus years but when we tried we were discouraged from making the claim. The reasoning: do we know what it will do to our premiums and how much they will increase and for how long?... We ended up NOT making a claim. After the cottage was sold I wanted to cancel the coverage on it and our home as I did not like the way I was treated. Even that was a problem, cancelling the cottage insurance was easy as we were selling but cancelling the house insurance... I told them the date I wanted it cancelled and the sales rep was trying to convince me to keep it until I had set up the new insurance. When I assured her I would not be without house insurance between her policy and the new one starting she still tried to keep me. It was like she did not trust me with my own insurance needs...
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Cooperators = Crooks

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Robert J. Sep 20, 2017
...I insured my home with Cooperators for 13 years because I had my auto insurance with them. Twice I had damage to my home that was caused by extreme weather, it should have been covered by my policy, but both times an adjuster was sent, my premises evaluated and photographed and then my claims denied. I then had to pay out of pocket for serious repairs, not knowing where to go I asked the Cooperators adjuster for a recommendation. I contacted the recommended contractor and ended up with poor workmanship, unresolved problem and a large bill. If you enjoy paying inflated rates and receiving no claims support, this is the company for you! Just be aware that when you find a better price elsewhere that gives better coverage, Cooperators will penalize you heavily financially for leaving anytime that is not in your renewal month. I recommend you go anywhere else...
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Cooperators has been awful.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by papayapearls Aug 31, 2017
...Dealing with this company has become the absolute worst experience of our lives. They have stonewalled my parents on a home insurance claim for over a year now. And now, the damage to the home has gotten so bad that an engineer, we had to hire, because co-operators refused to do so, has determined the home is too dangerous to live in. And co-operators is even refusing to pay for my 88 and 86 year-old parents to relocate. They are being forced to re-locate without even knowing how long they have to relocate and at great expense, while trying to cope with the fact their insurance company has totally abandoned them, their home is cracking apart, and their health is failing. The lack of empathy or care from cooperators is exponentially unforgivable. Save yourselves from this kind of horrific treatment. Do not purchase any insurance product from this company!
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