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Overall pretty good

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by BLS Apr 16, 2019
...Unfortunately, I have had several claims with the Cooperators. I have a condo and have had three very unfortunate water accidents in 13 yrs. The first two claims I had with the Cooperators, I would give them 6 stars out of 5 if I could. The adjusters were very polite and kind, very respectful and professional. Returned calls and emails promptly. Amazing... an A+. This time around, I have a claim still in the works, the original adjuster I spoke with was very polite and professional. Wonderful! However, the adjuster that was assigned to my case gets a C-. He doesn't return emails and seems mediocre and uninterested. Of course, my premiums and deductibles have increased, but that is the way of insurance... If it wasn't for the mediocre experience with them this time I would have to give the Cooperators a 5-star rating and would encourage others to give them a try. Thank you...
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Cooperators = Crooks

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Robert J. Sep 20, 2017
...I insured my home with Cooperators for 13 years because I had my auto insurance with them. Twice I had damage to my home that was caused by extreme weather, it should have been covered by my policy, but both times an adjuster was sent, my premises evaluated and photographed and then my claims denied. I then had to pay out of pocket for serious repairs, not knowing where to go I asked the Cooperators adjuster for a recommendation. I contacted the recommended contractor and ended up with poor workmanship, unresolved problem and a large bill. If you enjoy paying inflated rates and receiving no claims support, this is the company for you! Just be aware that when you find a better price elsewhere that gives better coverage, Cooperators will penalize you heavily financially for leaving anytime that is not in your renewal month. I recommend you go anywhere else...
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Cooperators has been awful.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by papayapearls Aug 31, 2017
...Dealing with this company has become the absolute worst experience of our lives. They have stonewalled my parents on a home insurance claim for over a year now. And now, the damage to the home has gotten so bad that an engineer, we had to hire, because co-operators refused to do so, has determined the home is too dangerous to live in. And co-operators is even refusing to pay for my 88 and 86 year-old parents to relocate. They are being forced to re-locate without even knowing how long they have to relocate and at great expense, while trying to cope with the fact their insurance company has totally abandoned them, their home is cracking apart, and their health is failing. The lack of empathy or care from cooperators is exponentially unforgivable. Save yourselves from this kind of horrific treatment. Do not purchase any insurance product from this company!
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Spy pictures of our house...

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Spy pictures Mar 31, 2017
...After a fierce windstorm damaged our roof in St. John's, it took three site visits and three reports for Cooperator's "preferred company" to do their job, they had to keep returning because their reports fell short, missing photos and measurements. Cooperators took underlay out of one of the many reports and told me it was not covered. I checked my policy, called the City and told them it was. Finally, I got a respectable roofer to do a quote and assessment.After 18 days of calls and e-mails, the adjuster sent me a nine-page report with six pictures of our house from many angles and measurement diagrams, then announced that the area of our roof was much smaller than that quoted by the roofer. It also was much smaller than that quoted by their preferred company. Turns out on page 9 of the report that the drone measurements are just the area, but substantial allowances of extra shingles should be made for risers, wastage, caps, valleys and so forth to actually do the job. I escalated to a claims manager and got the whole thing settled the same day. All this over a $5,000 roofing job...
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