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Making a claim

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by Phyllis May 16, 2018
...We have house insurance with Cooperators. We had very bad weather one day. Wind and rain in Windsor, ON. We woke up to our main floor family room with the floor flooded. We had never experienced this. We purchased the house 6 years ago. It ended up being a leak in the roof. We had no visible way of knowing this until the floor flooded and we exposed the wall. We made the claim and it was denied because of a seeping water clause. You pay so much money every month on time. You get insurance thinking they have our back. There always seems that they can deny you with the fine print. It's very upsetting. Why do you have insurance I wonder sometimes...
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Spy pictures of our house...

(2.5 out of 5 stars)
by Spy pictures Mar 31, 2017
...After a fierce windstorm damaged our roof in St. John's, it took three site visits and three reports for Cooperator's "preferred company" to do their job, they had to keep returning because their reports fell short, missing photos and measurements. Cooperators took underlay out of one of the many reports and told me it was not covered. I checked my policy, called the City and told them it was. Finally, I got a respectable roofer to do a quote and assessment.After 18 days of calls and e-mails, the adjuster sent me a nine-page report with six pictures of our house from many angles and measurement diagrams, then announced that the area of our roof was much smaller than that quoted by the roofer. It also was much smaller than that quoted by their preferred company. Turns out on page 9 of the report that the drone measurements are just the area, but substantial allowances of extra shingles should be made for risers, wastage, caps, valleys and so forth to actually do the job. I escalated to a claims manager and got the whole thing settled the same day. All this over a $5,000 roofing job...
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