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RBC life insurance half star

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Moe Dec 19, 2018
...A few weeks ago I thought that I might need life insurance, so I started to shop around till I found a policy called universal life insurance. I thought it works for me. I called the bank and I started following them to get this policy. Originally, online price was so low by the time I saw the bank rep. The prices jump up a little bit, which was ok. However, with final approval, the priced came to over 275. Then I asked how this happened, they said that the medical test shows a high blood pressure 172/92 (for which medication is required and I never ever had any meds for my blood pressure). Also, they said I'm overweight 240 pounds and I've passed on several places including my family doctor, only 219 pounds. I got nervous and I called my family doctor and requested a full physical test and everything was alright. We tried to inform them and they said they can't take any different result from my family doctor. And they approved me with 200%, which makes my policy rate jump above average - $2000 in total. So I have to pay $2000 for one year and after that, they will do the tests again. So here is the story, RBC insurance hired a company to do medical tests for their clients. This company has one mission - to find anything wrong with the client to be taken as a good excuse to put you on high rate insurance even if they will come with a broken scale to read your weight wrong or a blood pressure machine to read your blood pressure wrong. And no way you can even discuss this with the bank. I had to decline the policy and I decided to share this story with everyone so they will be careful. Thx...
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Aggressive sales personel

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by ca Oct 02, 2015
...Bottom line, their prices are cheaper, however, you deal with aggressive sales personel who want their commission, disorganized medicals and any complaints you make with customer service are ignored. Horrible/stressful situation...
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Worst Insurance Brokers ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Tickedoff Nov 29, 2014
...They take so long to book for your medical and then after you have to wait 4 weeks to even get an in touch text or phone call from them, I'm still waiting for the broker to call us back on the insurance paperwork to get finalize after getting a medical done 4 weeks ago...
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Not sure if you can qualify for life insurance with existing health pre-conditions? Let us to help you with a no medical life insurance quote , meaning that you do not need to pass a medical exam to qualify for a life insurance policy.