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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Torontarian Jul 12, 2019
...These guys ripped me off! Long story short is by the Canadian laws, if you had travel insurance then you've got provincial insurance covering you, these insurance companies must refund you the rest of the time you have bought from them! I was literally broken then, and finally had our OHIP but these guys refused to refund us even though I extended our insurance with them 1 or 2 weeks before that! Their claim for not refunding us was that we made a claim one time for my daughter when she got sick and took her to the emergency! However, that was in the old contract, not the new one! So when I spoke to a manager on the phone and explained to her that I just extended my insurance to technically it's a new one, she replied that 'you're right, but this is a trick in our policy and I can't help you!' Well, the amount that they were supposed to refund me was about $300. It's not much! But back then, I was literally broken! I used to work 14 hours a day at two jobs to feed my daughter and wife and that $300 made lots of difference to me! Anyway, I'm happy to say that I know more than 25 people from family and friends who came to Canada for long and short visits and the first thing I'd advise them not to do is getting their insurance from the Blue Cross! It'll always be one of the first things I'd tell anyone coming to Canada not to get their insurance from this company...
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Travel Insurance

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by CanadianAbroad May 25, 2019
...I saw a lot of bad reviews so I wanted to share my experience. I have 360 days of travel insurance with Alberta Blue Cross. I'm on an internship in the USA and bought a year's worth of insurance. I have had to go to the doctor 4 times. Once I had to go to a hospital. They've covered 100% of my expenses. I've only had to pay my prescription and then I can mail them my receipt and be reimbursed. I appreciate how effortless they've made this and how they direct bill at the doctor's office. The hospital I had to pay a "down payment" (America..) and the hospital sent me many notices of sending me to collections until Blue Cross paid them (it took maybe 2 weeks and I received around 6 letters). Blue Cross apologized for the hospital and said they should never have contacted me that soon. The customer service agents were incredibly helpful and reassuring during that stressful time. I've gone in for a UTI, Kidney infection, eye infection, strep throat, and cyst removal and my travel insurance covered everything. Highly recommend Blue Cross for your travels...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by FEDUP Mar 28, 2018
...I purchased full coverage health insurance in...2012. And off to Phoenix for the winter we went... I ended up in Casa Grande Hospital with a heart attack. Blue Cross took 1.5 days to ok surgery. They even asked the cardiologist to release me to fly back to Saskatchewan, the doctor would not do it. I kept getting bills for many thousands for months afterwards, I was calling Blue Cross all the time about these bills, finally 8 months later, Blue Cross informed me there won't be any more bills coming to me because they paid for it all. Except the after checkups at the doctors in Arizona. I paid for that. Now, YEARS LATER, this morning March 28th, 2018, I received a phone call from a collection agency wanting the ambulance bill amount of 1800US or it was going to be on my credit bureau. I called Saskatchewan Blue Cross about this bill they did not pay ( I paid for the top coverage they had which included an ambulance ) and...I am not getting anywhere with them...I am getting ahold of my MLA about this...DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY...
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The worst customer experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by MB Sep 15, 2017
...Blue cross is the worst customer experience I have ever had because they are a complete money grab. They make you pay for all of your expenses abroad out of your own pocket, and do not clarify what is under insurance and what is not. "Sudden and unexpected medical conditions" seems great because one would assume that most medical conditions are unexpected and sudden, however, Blue Cross means it so steal your money because to them everything is expected and nothing is sudden! I will never let me, my family or my friends do business with them ever again, you are better off just paying out of your own pocket!
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bisho Aug 27, 2017
...I have lived in several countries and tried different kind of insurances. This Blue cross is unbelievable! When you register with them, they don't bother to tell you all important details. You will be surprised with it only when you are calling for a claim. 1st of all most of insurance companies provide in-advance payment for their customers. it means when you visit a doctor they will pay everything and you have to pay nothing! but Blue cross will make you pay first and then send whatever documents for the amount you paid. after more than a week i called because i didn't receive any reply from them and the agent in a very rude way told me "what? you sent it a week ago? it takes 3 months!!!!". Nobody informed me this when i came to register!! 3 months to get a refund??!!!! For me this is the worst insurance company ever and i will never recommend it to anyone!
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Blue Cross Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by LC Aug 25, 2017
Terrible, not worth your money and time. I was with the insurance company for 8 months and it has been the most difficult insurance I've dealt with before. Usually I never write reviews when I'm unhappy about a service, but I would like to let people know that they're not easy to deal with. Over the 8 months I've successfully claimed my money back 3/5 times. I received 1 cheque 4 months later, after constant following-up with Blue Cross. I've decided to cancel Blue Cross even though I still have 1 more cheque that have not been sent to me. I've dealt with this claim for over 8 months. They mailed me letters requesting for more information after each time I have provided what they had asked for. Suddenly, a month ago I received another letter in the mail from them (even after I responded to their previous info request) saying that if I hadn't replied in 30 days and this has not been dealt with, they will close the claim and I will not be able to receive any money. What had really upset me was when I called in the last time, they told me the reason they're only allowing me 30 more days is because they have already given me 8 months to deal with this. I was extremely disappointed as I have clearly been responding and providing with all the information they've asked for. I'm really upset that they keep pushing me around so they can buy more time and not give me a proper response, and tell me they've given me so much time. I will never recommend anyone using this company.
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No actual "benefit"

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by WJ Apr 27, 2017
...You may be thinking you're getting a good deal but your not. Everything is deemed "pre-existing" and nothing is covered. You also have to wait 6 months for some coverage to start (Medication). The blue assured plan is ridiculously expensive and covers you for crap all. DON'T PURCHASE. It is more beneficial to pay as you go....Sad...
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A complete scam

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointed1701 Sep 08, 2016
...The individual health insurance seems great. The plan seems to provide many benefits for a low cost. If you claim a benefit? Your medical history will be investigated and you will be labelled as having a pre-existing condition, regardless of your actual medical history. You will be unable to make future claims for this affliction. If your doctor disputes these findings and sends a letter to Blue Cross, it will be ignored. You will spend in excess of four months going back and forth with the very friendly but entirely clueless and useless customer service staff. In short, a COMPLETE waste of time and money. Avoid at all costs...
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The worst health insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nick Aug 23, 2016
...I had 2 claims returned for ambulance bill for a reasons not specified in the policy and only to create more inconvenience and headaches. The first claim was returned because the statement from the hospital was not enough and needed a receipt.The second claim was declined because the receipt from the hospital for ambulance service does not specify origin and destination for the trip like i am going on a vacation. This is the very same receipt the hospital issues to all patients and it is a standard Ontario flat fee for ambulance service, regardless of the origin and destination. The only reason i am with that insurer is because is a group insurance from the employer. Worst ever customer service!...
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