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by CanadianAbroad May 25, 2019
...I saw a lot of bad reviews so I wanted to share my experience. I have 360 days of travel insurance with Alberta Blue Cross. I'm on an internship in the USA and bought a year's worth of insurance. I have had to go to the doctor 4 times. Once I had to go to a hospital. They've covered 100% of my expenses. I've only had to pay my prescription and then I can mail them my receipt and be reimbursed. I appreciate how effortless they've made this and how they direct bill at the doctor's office. The hospital I had to pay a "down payment" (America..) and the hospital sent me many notices of sending me to collections until Blue Cross paid them (it took maybe 2 weeks and I received around 6 letters). Blue Cross apologized for the hospital and said they should never have contacted me that soon. The customer service agents were incredibly helpful and reassuring during that stressful time. I've gone in for a UTI, Kidney infection, eye infection, strep throat, and cyst removal and my travel insurance covered everything. Highly recommend Blue Cross for your travels...
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