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Travel insurance

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Cris Apr 19, 2019
...Worst ever! I spent 350$ on insurance I went for a trip in Canada. I had a problem with my eye, went to the specialist and pay the fee. After, I call blue cross and they see that it does not cover because I didn't call them... Anyway, I've got a full refund because I cancelled the insurance! NEVER Again Blue Cross...
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Really bad customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mike b Feb 26, 2019
...Had a very bad experience talking with a representative at Blue Cross. After telling me I cannot claim dental using the app or online and that I had to go to their office and hand it in, I noticed that I have not received the claim after 2 weeks. I called and visited again talking to a nice lady, who was very helpful and kind. She told me to call her within 7 business days if I didn't receive the payment, and just ask them to transfer the call to her since she is aware of my situation and what the problem is. After 7 business days, I call Blue Cross again, wait for 40 mins and finally talk to a representative who is very rude and asks me to go through the details. After asking her if I can talk to one of her colleagues, she responds that she is on another call and it can be a bit of wait. I told her I don't mind the wait since it would be easier and I rather not explain my case again since apparently it's been complicated and the previous representative already knows my case. Then she replied that such a person DOES NOT EXIST in the office. I give her descriptions and she asks me if I know her last name which I reply that I don't and she gave me her card and I described her looks again. She then goes and tells me that she's the only representative available and I explain my case and how I have been waiting for more than a month for the claim and yet have not received any money. She responded that there was a mistake with the address (which we updated the profile and everything in my meeting with the previous representative) and then I ask her if it can be directly deposited in my account and she makes an excuse that she can't do that... I mean how is such a thing not possible, especially since my bank is linked to the app and everything? She tells me to either pick it up from the branch or it will be mailed to my "new address" within 5-7 business days. I asked if I could have her name just in case the cheque doesn't go through or I don't receive it so that I can talk to her again instead of explaining everything again to a new agent and she says she rather not. After I explained how this would be easier she gives me her first name. I reminded her that maybe there are other people with her name or that another representative doesn't know her first name and also that when you call the number and you know the first 3 letters of the last name, the directory will automatically connect you to them - which saves a lot of time and not being on hold. She refuses several times and just gave me the first letter of her last name. I mean how is that useful? And wouldn't another representative ask if I know her full last name again? This is just sadly ridiculous and cyclical. And if any of the Blue Cross members are reading this, please explain and teach some manners and common sense as well as empathy to your workers and colleagues. Unfortunately, it seems like some are desperately in need of some guidance...
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2 doses of cancer medication

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Peter Nov 06, 2018
...Blue Cross will cover only if pharma care approves it. I've seen so far pharma care takes forever and there is no phone number to contact the special authority office from the minister of health. So, we are somehow on hold not knowing when a decision will be made. IDK why a third party insurance has to use pharma care as an excuse to make their own decisions. Also, IDK why pharma care takes forever when they will not pay but Blue Cross...
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near total waste of money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by miguel Jun 05, 2018
...My mom had Blue Cross health insurance for 26 years, spending about $19000 in total. Whenever she had health expenses, they weren't covered. When she was in hospital, she was entitled to a semi-private room through her insurance but the hospital wouldn't move her and Blue Cross refused to call them to clarify the situation. Finally, after we put up a big fuss, she had a few days of her 3-week stay in a decent room. After years of this, we called to get some documents telling what is actually covered, they sent the new card we requested but nothing about what is and isn't covered. When she died, they said they would process a refund. I sent the doctor's death declaration but they e-mailed 2 weeks later saying they wanted a death certificate. It is too late to bother now, the last month is over. The whole thing is pretty much a scam, you are better off putting some money aside for unforeseen medical expenses or going with a REAL insurance provider...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Bisho Aug 27, 2017
...I have lived in several countries and tried different kind of insurances. This Blue cross is unbelievable! When you register with them, they don't bother to tell you all important details. You will be surprised with it only when you are calling for a claim. 1st of all most of insurance companies provide in-advance payment for their customers. it means when you visit a doctor they will pay everything and you have to pay nothing! but Blue cross will make you pay first and then send whatever documents for the amount you paid. after more than a week i called because i didn't receive any reply from them and the agent in a very rude way told me "what? you sent it a week ago? it takes 3 months!!!!". Nobody informed me this when i came to register!! 3 months to get a refund??!!!! For me this is the worst insurance company ever and i will never recommend it to anyone!
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Blue Cross Insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by LC Aug 25, 2017
Terrible, not worth your money and time. I was with the insurance company for 8 months and it has been the most difficult insurance I've dealt with before. Usually I never write reviews when I'm unhappy about a service, but I would like to let people know that they're not easy to deal with. Over the 8 months I've successfully claimed my money back 3/5 times. I received 1 cheque 4 months later, after constant following-up with Blue Cross. I've decided to cancel Blue Cross even though I still have 1 more cheque that have not been sent to me. I've dealt with this claim for over 8 months. They mailed me letters requesting for more information after each time I have provided what they had asked for. Suddenly, a month ago I received another letter in the mail from them (even after I responded to their previous info request) saying that if I hadn't replied in 30 days and this has not been dealt with, they will close the claim and I will not be able to receive any money. What had really upset me was when I called in the last time, they told me the reason they're only allowing me 30 more days is because they have already given me 8 months to deal with this. I was extremely disappointed as I have clearly been responding and providing with all the information they've asked for. I'm really upset that they keep pushing me around so they can buy more time and not give me a proper response, and tell me they've given me so much time. I will never recommend anyone using this company.
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Bluecross? Criminals.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by aliveandwell Jul 14, 2017
...I was in a very serious car accident (rear-ended) and could not work for 9 months. I applied for short-term disability which was part of my plan and do you think I saw a penny of that? Nothing. I would send in two specialists reports plus my GP's report per their request. Six weeks would go by without a word and I would get a letter advising it had been over a month and they needed updated medical reports. I would send them in, 6 weeks would go by, I would get a letter saying the same thing. After these crooks doing that THREE times to me I handed it over to my lawyer. He sued and we won. I only gave them a star because you had to give at least one. They don't deserve even one star...
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No actual "benefit"

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by WJ Apr 27, 2017
...You may be thinking you're getting a good deal but your not. Everything is deemed "pre-existing" and nothing is covered. You also have to wait 6 months for some coverage to start (Medication). The blue assured plan is ridiculously expensive and covers you for crap all. DON'T PURCHASE. It is more beneficial to pay as you go....Sad...
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The worst health insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Nick Aug 23, 2016
...I had 2 claims returned for ambulance bill for a reasons not specified in the policy and only to create more inconvenience and headaches. The first claim was returned because the statement from the hospital was not enough and needed a receipt.The second claim was declined because the receipt from the hospital for ambulance service does not specify origin and destination for the trip like i am going on a vacation. This is the very same receipt the hospital issues to all patients and it is a standard Ontario flat fee for ambulance service, regardless of the origin and destination. The only reason i am with that insurer is because is a group insurance from the employer. Worst ever customer service!...
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Worst company EVER

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Brew Aug 25, 2014
...I had the largest policy Blue Cross offered while I was a student in university. 1 million dollars in coverage towards travel for needed hospitals. When I contracted a rare cancer and had to fly 3000 miles away for treatment, I went to blue cross to put in a claim. Phone call after phone call and an afternoon of face to face discussion with my policy proof in hand, I was denied any coverage at all!! WHat is the point of having insurance, if the providers are complete crooks? Their reason for denying my claim was that I would have to prove that I was going to die if I didn't fly to another hospital? They don't even treat what I have anywhere else!! The only way to prove you would die otherwise is to die?!?! Obviously they won't pay if you are dead either!? Please save your money and pick someone else or nobody at all. You'll be better off!...
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