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Scam allert**

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Pablo Mar 14, 2019
...Had disability insurance on the house for 11 years! I broke my hand at work and they refused to pay up...
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Planning to get life insurance to protect your family, including children? Make sure that you get enough coverage. According to studies, it takes about $250,000 in total to raise a child to the age of 18 (and that doesn’t include any post-secondary education costs).


(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by disability Feb 24, 2019
...I bought disability insurance with Canada Life which I paid monthly but when I was on my days off in Edmonton, I had a car accident. I was off work then I applied for my disability to cover my mortgage payment after I provided them with all the documents they needed. After three months they demanded more documents for the last two years. They declined my claim for they found out I was taking medications for other things that have nothing to do with my claim. I think some legal actions should be taken against Canada Life and should go public for others not to do business with this fraud company. Hardly anyone would be approved. It's a scam...
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Negative Stars

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Cindy O Jul 12, 2018
...I paid disability insurance on my mortgage for 15 years and then was diagnosed with cancer last year. I have been fighting with Canada Life but I have been denied! I spent 4 months in chemo and 15 sessions of radiation and did not receive a penny from Canada Life. They were sure happy to take my $150 a month for the last 15 years. Do not take out any type of insurance with this company...
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Did you know there is a 35% chance of developing a critical illness before you are 65 and 65%-70% chance before you turn 81? That means getting a critical illness insurance quote is no less important than getting life insurance. Your choice.


(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by ripped off/scam Dec 28, 2017
...My mother recently passed away and we filed a claim for a small life insurance policy. The company has been very difficult to deal with and I've received many different versions of what needs to be done. Even after I finally got a packet from them in order for the 4 children to file individual beneficiary affidavits, I was advised by another agent that couldn't be done. Please note it was very difficult to get the original agent to provide the packet anyway. It is interesting to note that even the packet I received with a checklist enclosed was incomplete. We have dealt with 2 other life insurance companies and were pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness and customer service. I have absolutely NO faith that Canada Life will pay the benefits of a life insurance policy that my parents paid on for years. I firmly believe that if they do eventually pay benefits, they will do everything they can to make the process difficult enough that claimants eventually just give up...
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(3.0 out of 5 stars)
by A.I.S Dec 08, 2017
...I was recently diagnosed with a critical illness and through my work I was covered by Canada Life. I was able to submit my claim which took 2 and half months to complete and to be told it's been declined. This was due to the type of illness I had and I wasn't given any other explanation as to why they don't cover this particular one. When I started to pay this every month, I wasn't sent any documentation at all and didn't know what they covered me for. It seemed like they only wanted to take my money. I will be going to FOS...
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Did you know that if you are a 35-year old female, a term life insurance policy for 10 years with coverage of $500,000 will cost you around $15-$20/month? Getting your life insurance quote today will allow you to lock-in a great rate.


(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Gigi Mar 18, 2017
...This is the worst company I have dealt with. Sent in my claim and they keep on asking me for more details from my doctor. Really don't know why insurance companies keep on given people a hard time when it comes time to make a claim...
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Don't care, won't pay.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Upset Feb 19, 2017
...Before signing up they will promise you they world, but when time comes to pay they won't part with your money. You will have to wait forever, and they don't want to hear from you at all. If your agent is not going to help you, Canada Life won't either. Once they have your money, nobody cares , you are on your own...
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Thinking of getting a life insurance quote from an insurance agent? They work for one insurance company and can only sell the products of that company. That may not result in the best rate for you. Our insurance brokers compare life insurance quotes across 20+ Canadian insurers for you.

Canada Life is SCAM!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Alexandre Jun 20, 2016
...About 7 years I payed life and health insurance for me and my wife. Canada Life did not pay me any red penny when my wife died, did not pay me when I lost vision on my right eye, did not pay me protection for credit line. This is extremely bad company. I do not advise to anybody pay them any money. Can somebody help me with good lawyer to start claim this company in court?...
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Canada Life will not pay

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disappointed Jun 28, 2015
...I purchased life and disability insurance through RBC home protector and their provider is Canada Life. Last November I had a back injury and I have been of work for almost 7 months now. I applied for the disability insurance I was paying for and thought I had. Once I sent all my medical info regarding my injury to Canada Life, they wanted more info from my family doctor going back 2years from date I purchased the insurance. They found a medication prescribed to me in that 2year period . The medication was for something other than anything they indicated on the application form questions I answered when I applied for the insurance. They declined me coverage for my back injury and cancelled my coverage for disability. I appealed there decision with a letter from my doctor explaining the medication treatment and they still declined me a second time. I took it to a lawyer last week. He said Canada Life is treating me unfairly and that I stand a great chance of settling this in my favor. Problem is he said I could end up paying him more than the coverage I would get back from Canada Life. At least he was honest. More than I can say for this insurance company...
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Did you know that mortgage insurance is the same as life insurance but more expensive and offers less protection? By cancelling it and getting life insurance , you would typically save around 30%-40% for the same coverage.

Canada Life does not pay

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by anomoysis Feb 11, 2015
...Scotia bank sold coverage to us on our mortgage and Credit lines. When my spouse passed away and I submitted my claim Canada Life decided they were only going to pay a portion of the claim. They "averaged" our line 12 months prior to my spouses diagnosis and that's all they would pay. When we spoke to our bank rep who sold this insurance to us they had no idea of this averaging by Canada Life. If the reps at the bank are not updated on the rules and they are the ones pushing this product down their customers throats is the bank not liable for our lose?Canada Life will not return phone calls and have left me with a large loan to pay. I will be forced to hire a lawyer to hopefully get my claim paid. DO NOT ever let the bank talk you into mortgage insurance--go get term from a LICENSED insurance Broker...
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