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Cumis mortgage disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Disgusted Nov 09, 2018
...This company will do whatever they can to not pay and cancel your mortgage insurance when you need it the most. They are disgraceful and have no integrity or honesty. Don't waste your money and purchase something that you will be able to rely on if you suddenly suffer an illness or injury so that you don't lose your home that you have worked all your life to buy. They will make up lies about you and destroy everything you worked so hard for. They are heartless and brutal. There is nothing fair about them or their processes. They are just after getting their own big bonus cheques for not paying anything out. Purchased the insurance thru Cambrian who now claim they know nothing about the insurance they are selling. What a scam...
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Did you know that one in three Canadians, on average, will be disabled for more than three months before they turn 65? Get a disability insurance quote today to make sure your income is secure, even when you are temporary disabled.


(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by tjjewett Oct 16, 2018
...Paid life, mortgage, accident insurance. Had an accident and was off work for 3 months and got denied for the claim because I didn't put I have acid reflux on the medical forms...
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Biggest Con

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Been Conned Oct 10, 2018
...My parents paid into Cumis Life for over 20 years. My mom passed away in March of this year. Cumis cancelled the insurance plan right after that. Now Cumis is sending me forms so they can rip me off also. My dad has yet to receive anything for my mom. How STUPID does Cumis think I am. My parents and I have the same last name. Cumis must think I am pretty stupid to fall into their trap...
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Did you know there is a 35% chance of developing a critical illness before you are 65 and 65%-70% chance before you turn 81? That means getting a critical illness insurance quote is no less important than getting life insurance. Your choice.

Greedy, unhelpful, corrupt

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by insomnitarium May 05, 2018
...CUMIS insurance are very happy to take your money, as much of it as they can get their dirty little hands on. But good luck ever completing a claim. Their staff do not communicate, they will arbitrarily close your claim while stating that they "need more information" while no one is ever able to answer what additional information they need. I have attempted to complete a claim for 8 months now, still getting the runaround. These people more than happy to take your money. You'll never see a payout from them, they'll tie you up in red tape...
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Don't bother with cumis

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by My dad Mar 28, 2016
...My father fell very ill very quickly. Within days we were given the most awful news. Began the battle that we know will be lost. Helping him figure out how to afford to live during his battle. This insurance company has thus far been the worst to deal with. Do not purchase disability or life insurance with them. One of their claims officers had the nerve to even ask ... are u sure u didn't know you were ill. It seems suspicious u got insurance. But this tragedy is not happening to them, so what would they care. People buy insurance in case something terrible happens. And when it does, don't rely on these guys 'cuz their insensitivity is the last thing u want or need to hear...
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Planning to get life insurance to protect your family, including children? Make sure that you get enough coverage. According to studies, it takes about $250,000 in total to raise a child to the age of 18 (and that doesn’t include any post-secondary education costs).

Don't waste your time or money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hanging by a thread! Nov 06, 2015
...We applied for our disability insurance and we have spent the past 5+ months waiting for a reply and have been denied. At $420/mth, they like to take your money, but not pay a claim. They have asked for almost our entire medical history. Ever hear of the privacy act? Do not use this company! They will find every excuse to Not pay out. What kind of insurance company is this? Thanks Steinbach Credit Union for supplying us with a useless insurance company. If this is the insurance company your bank/credit union offers you, find your own. They will never pay out. They will come up with every excuse. Let you go broke, and then the bank forecloses. Our loans officer even told us to find a different insurer. I do not give this company any rating at all, but you have to choose at least one star to submit this review...
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Worst Company Ever

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Amanda Jul 27, 2015
...The whole point of insurance is to protect yourself if something happens unexpectedly. This company did everything they could to avoid a payout on a family member. I am beyond disgusted at the steps they took through court. In the end, the consumer can't win because the legal fees could have been as much as the payout. I hate Cumis for causing so much stress and frustration. Do not trust anything this company has to say...
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Did you know that mortgage insurance is the same as life insurance but more expensive and offers less protection? By cancelling it and getting life insurance , you would typically save around 30%-40% for the same coverage.

CUMIS is Terrible

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sarahyes Jul 10, 2013
...I had a terrible experience with cumis, after years of paying insurance to cover loss of employment when the time finally came they denied me saying I was on a contract. Yes, doesn't everyone sign a job contract. Even though all the appropriate paperwork was given, even thought the government even said that I was laid off and entitled to coverage they refused my claim. All those thousands of dollars paid into a crap insurance company. Run the other way, and find a decent, honest insurance company to deal with...
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