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Very poor communication

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by Peter Jun 29, 2015
...Tried to purchase a term Life Insurance with The Equitable. Despite sending a nurse who did a detailed health evaluation (including blood-work), they requested additional information to my Dr. who took over 60 days to respond. Once Equitable got the report, they sent my file to reassurance and then came back saying I had a pending exam (just a regular physical I had pre-booked with my Dr.), so they needed to wait for those results. I tried to explain this was an ordinary annual check-up and that the nurse had already tested me for all the same stuff. Didn't matter. I had the exam done the following week, and the day after I get a letter from the insurance company saying they were closing my file because they didn't get all the requested information. If they manage to screw up the sign-up process, I don't want to imagine what filing a claim and getting paid must be like! Doesn't feel too equitable to me!!!...
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