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Great Worst Life

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jordan May 31, 2019
...Honestly, my life was better with my dislocated disc in my back, then dealing with these people who have no care for their clients. I am in disbelief because I was off for 12 weeks and now I was told they are only gonna be paying me for 4 weeks. I am shocked and feel disgusted...
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Bad service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by muammer May 02, 2019
...I am on the short term disability from my workplace and they work with the Great-West. I'm already on a 70% reduced coverage and they made me pay for the 150$ form they provide for the doctor to fill in. On top of that, there are 7 days waiting period without pay, if you don't have sick days you're pretty much in trouble. The doctor asked for 4 weeks no work, Great-West reduced it to 2 and a half. Every time you make a claim or a quote, they always refuse it or ask for more information. Everything to make you give up. The staff on the phone won't accept criticism and will argue with me...
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Short term disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by IJ Apr 16, 2019
...I had recently been put on a short term leave from my job due to a pregnancy. I work in a highly dangerous environment with violent clients. Shortly after being put on leave I had a miscarriage. My leave was supposed to be 7 weeks according to my doctor's notes. I had been upfront and shared all information regarding every appointment to GWL and was happy to supply them with any further medical notes they needed. I was told by my GWL caseworker that I no longer qualified for a short term leave because my pregnancy being why I was off in the first place. I explained that I was still having complications and that my doctor insisted I needed to take the full 7 weeks. I was also told I didn’t qualify anymore because I was able to return to my job and complete 60% of my work. Which I found laughable because if I’m anything less than 100% at this job I put everybody at risk. I went back to my doctor and explained what was happening and he said I am the physician and the medical professional here and I believe you need the full 7 weeks. At this time I call my caseworker who tells me I’ve been cut off from my benefits as of last week. She said she had tried calling and leaving me a voice mail but there are no records of either on my phone. So glad I won’t be having to deal with this company again...
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Crafty Lawyers.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 23, 2019
...This 'company' is a complete and utter farce run by callous individuals. Their policies are a joke, leaving you with little-to-no coverage. There are numerous occasions where I am reimbursed $2, $4, $5 as a result of how they run the numbers. I am inclined to call it a scam, but somehow these sneaky crooks play by their fine print rules and get away with it. I advise anyone of good ethical character to steer clear from any involvement with this 'company'...
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High claim rejection

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Darkev Feb 15, 2019
...I’m supposed to have group insurance for dental. However each year my out-of-pocket expenses go up and up while Great-West finds new ways to not pay for claims. Recently I had 2 fillings on 2 teeth that happened to have crowns on them. The crowns were not touched. The two teeth under the crowns had cavities where my gums receded. $430 was the cost and $0 was the benefit amount. They don’t cover fillings to teeth that have crowns on them. They consider this “crown repair” when the dentist never touched the crowns at all. This is just one of many ineligible claim excuses they come up with to render your dental plan with them practically useless. I’m going to be pushing our union to switch to a better provider. We have approximately 40,000 employees and many of us in my section are fed up with this company...
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