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Long Term Disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by spencer May 22, 2019
...Great West Life needs to have a class action suit filed against them. They fully know that you will never get through on their one fax number for all claims for all of Canada. They prey on the insured a game of non-customer service. You need to record and file a complaint to the different insurance regulators government and non-government. They need to be exposed for the harm they are doing to their customers. They are ruining lives. They fail to be honest and show a willing nature to frustrate and delay and deny claims. They fail to collect all information on claims and blame the client. We need to get together to take collective action against them. I faxed them a dozen times and got busy signals today every time. They fully know this is the best way to frustrate and eliminate your timely claims. This cancer must be removed and penalize and removed from the insurance business. Will give some direction in how to deal with this company that has taken advantage of hundreds of people. They prey on your lack of knowledge on what to do. They have been at this for years and have schooled themselves in how to handle the Art Of The Claim To their advantage...
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Short term disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by IJ Apr 16, 2019
...I had recently been put on a short term leave from my job due to a pregnancy. I work in a highly dangerous environment with violent clients. Shortly after being put on leave I had a miscarriage. My leave was supposed to be 7 weeks according to my doctor's notes. I had been upfront and shared all information regarding every appointment to GWL and was happy to supply them with any further medical notes they needed. I was told by my GWL caseworker that I no longer qualified for a short term leave because my pregnancy being why I was off in the first place. I explained that I was still having complications and that my doctor insisted I needed to take the full 7 weeks. I was also told I didn’t qualify anymore because I was able to return to my job and complete 60% of my work. Which I found laughable because if I’m anything less than 100% at this job I put everybody at risk. I went back to my doctor and explained what was happening and he said I am the physician and the medical professional here and I believe you need the full 7 weeks. At this time I call my caseworker who tells me I’ve been cut off from my benefits as of last week. She said she had tried calling and leaving me a voice mail but there are no records of either on my phone. So glad I won’t be having to deal with this company again...
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