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Short term disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by IJ Apr 16, 2019
...I had recently been put on a short term leave from my job due to a pregnancy. I work in a highly dangerous environment with violent clients. Shortly after being put on leave I had a miscarriage. My leave was supposed to be 7 weeks according to my doctor's notes. I had been upfront and shared all information regarding every appointment to GWL and was happy to supply them with any further medical notes they needed. I was told by my GWL caseworker that I no longer qualified for a short term leave because my pregnancy being why I was off in the first place. I explained that I was still having complications and that my doctor insisted I needed to take the full 7 weeks. I was also told I didn’t qualify anymore because I was able to return to my job and complete 60% of my work. Which I found laughable because if I’m anything less than 100% at this job I put everybody at risk. I went back to my doctor and explained what was happening and he said I am the physician and the medical professional here and I believe you need the full 7 weeks. At this time I call my caseworker who tells me I’ve been cut off from my benefits as of last week. She said she had tried calling and leaving me a voice mail but there are no records of either on my phone. So glad I won’t be having to deal with this company again...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Jon Mar 26, 2019
...Hey folks - robbery = GWL. They don't cover anything. Says 100% but an absolute scam! The ombudsman should be called in and this company should pay out the millions it owes to everyone! How can anyone work for this company? I get it, you're scared to change jobs. At least tell the management that they are scamming ppl and that is no the way to do business. What a horrible company...
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health insurance DISAPPOINTING

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by bcblueeyes Mar 14, 2019
...Great-West Health/Dental insurance policy is disappointing compared to competitors. GWL only pays what a guide would indicate rather than what a service provider charges. This is a real cheap way out of providing health and dental coverage. My partner's insurance does pay the difference of what GWL does not pay (as her insurance company Sun Life has good customer policy). GWL has no problem taking my monthly fee but maybe they should change their policy to reflect other insurance companies. If my employer did not use GWL, I would not recommend GWL due to their cheapness (policies) in co-insurance...
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Crafty Lawyers.

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Anonymous Feb 23, 2019
...This 'company' is a complete and utter farce run by callous individuals. Their policies are a joke, leaving you with little-to-no coverage. There are numerous occasions where I am reimbursed $2, $4, $5 as a result of how they run the numbers. I am inclined to call it a scam, but somehow these sneaky crooks play by their fine print rules and get away with it. I advise anyone of good ethical character to steer clear from any involvement with this 'company'...
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GWL policy

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by rene.r.c Jan 17, 2019
...They have a policy where if you have two different plan coverage but both with GWL, they will only pay for the procedure once regardless of how much money is on either plan. Ex. if I have 1000 worth dental work done, my plan only covers 800. You'd think my spouse's plan, which covers 1000, also would cover the balance of 200. Nope, GWL will only pay for the procedure once. So why am I paying for 2 plans, why don't you provide me with service I'm paying for on both plans?...
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Health and Dental Nightmare

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Robin PS Dec 18, 2018
...Unfortunately, I have negative things to share about my experiences with GWL. Not only have they made me jump through hoops for both dental and medical coverage, they have not honoured a predetermination as they say they need “more information” which is clearly a stalling tactic. My doctor has appealed meds coverage twice, I’ve appealed twice and they only come back with “we just don’t cover that med.” Not even a generic. I hate to say but I am going to try and opt out of this coverage because it’s horrible. Very very disappointed and extremely dissatisfied...
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Policy not honoured

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Blubaru Dec 17, 2018
...This is about "Drug Insurance", which is not available in the Product type. The Ontario Pension Board's Ontario Public Service Pension Plan drug coverage is supposed to be 90% but Great-West Life Assurance has applied a $1,000/year limit on a specific drug. The information available from the Ontario Pension Board and from the Great-West Life Assurance's GroupNet websites state that the drug coverage is 90% without any exception. Great-West Life will not provide the insurance policy, only a sketchy self-excusing letter explaining the limit using Health Canada and other excuses to deny payment for copayment coverage for a drug I have been taking for at least 13 years at the same dosage. My doctor submitted a form requested by Great-West Life Assurance in which the reason for prescribing and the dosage was stated, which Great-West Life Assurance rejected. Great-West Life Assurance is dishonest. Ultimately, this will probably be settled in small claims court. It isn't just about the small amount of money involved, it is the principle that the information presented by the Ontario Pension Board and Great-West Life Assurance state specific coverage, which is not being honoured and, if there is an exception, that information is not provided, and the supposed exception to 90% coverage is for a different condition for the prescribed drug. The Ontario Treasury Board Secretariat is a party to the insurance policy agreement and will be named as a party in a small claims court lawsuit. If this is resolved in small claims court, it will cost Great-West Life Assurance and the taxpayer of Ontario a lot more money than the outstanding unreimbursed amount...
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