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by rick May 18, 2019
They have an answering machine phone system, very hard to get an agent on the phone. They rarely return phone calls. Rarely return emails. Very difficult to fax documents as their fax machine seems to usually not work and takes days to weeks to get a hold of an agent to confirm whether fax went through. Then it seems like they don't even read medical records sent to them. Got my claim and appeal both denied which took 5 months total. Denials didn't mention any medical information sent to them, doctor's diagnosis, or doctor finding I was not medically fit for work. You'll hear lots about being 60% able to work. It doesn't matter if you are vomiting, dizzy, or having other flu-like symptoms. Doesn't matter your doctor finds you unfit for work and in need of bed rest. The whole system is corrupt by design. Don't worry about your claim being paid out, it won't be.
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