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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Carol Jul 20, 2018
...After 30 years, discovered, due to ' inside rules', I OWE money on policy. NO CASH VALUE although bought WHOLE LIFE. Practices bordering on FRAUDULENT. Be careful, VERY CAREFUL. Keep money in your pocket...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by irene224 Nov 08, 2017
...I joined London Life back in 1999. A gentleman which is one of their agents hassled my husband at work almost every day to join London Life. He made phone calls to our house phone, left messages and came to our house twice a week. I was basically forced to buy these life insurance policies. Ever since then I pay $110 every month towards a very small amount of policy. When we spoke, we talked about one policy than when he actually mailed the paperwork, there was another policy, so I have two and not sure which one I am paying for. He sold a policy to my husband that we didn't understand anything on what we were getting into, we thought we signed up for a term policy which is what he said, now he states that my husband has to pay until the day he dies, doesn't matter what age. Not only do their agents lie, but they also hassle you and every time we get in contact with him, he yells at us or doesn't return our calls. The customer service is terrible, every time I call they all tell me a different story. I got a loan in 2007 and from 2007 to now, they charged me double interest on the money I owed. I borrowed $7000, and now I have to pay $13,000. In 2014, I gave them $3000 payment and NOBODY knows where it is. They do not keep records of payments and if I want records or have them look into the issue, I have to pay extra. So anyone considering this insurance company, please run as fast as you can and avoid it completely. It's a scam...
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Mutual funds

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by gaspar Nov 03, 2017
...I purchased the segregated funds. London life allows you to borrow 100 000 to invest. My major position was the canadian resources fund which I bought at around $55 later on in the year that , I discovered that they had a significant position of the stock: Sino forest...a chinese company ... which had fraudulently over stated their assets...charges were laid and I lost around 20% of the fund of Canadian Resources Fund because of a Chinese Company, but that is just the beginning. The guarantee of the fund was told to me in wriiting that would guarantee the fund at maturity. I was told at 55 these guarantees will kick in (freedom 55 right) nope only if i die or at 105.!! In other words the guarantee is worthless (this was a big selling point for me) I submitted the document from the salesman that I received and they said he has since been fired, and the policy is stated on website. anyway I can go on and on but after ten years in London life with their high MER and poor performance I am out 20K... Do not buy into this company funds ...unless a tin cup on the corner is in your retirement future... just look at performance of any fund and factor in the MER and look at what you will have made...more often than not 0 I am good at losing my own money I don t need self titled professionals to do it for me!! if you call to ask them why a fund is not performing better (this year for example the TSE has gained over 20%) they tell you that 'oh well these are long term investments , they do not directly reflect stock movements.. if the stock goes down in bad times , they say 'oh well the market if performing poorly...not a good time...but it will come around.. In any event freedom 55 is a admirable goal just don t expect to have it with London Life...
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Never Returns Phone Calls

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Northerner Apr 18, 2017
...I got two letters from London Life, one saying there was $800 sitting in my account, the other saying I had to pay sixty dollars a month because there was no money in my account. It has been more than a week of phone calls and I still have not has an answer...
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Unethical business practices

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DJI Feb 20, 2017
...Absolutely astonishing this company is allowed a license to practice insurance. Anyone considering LL should look up the class action lawsuits against this company, and the reviews on here and understand that while you may have a friendly agent behind a desk selling you a policy - when it comes time to collect on a policy, you will find out that behind the scenes the company has no electronic records, horrific customer service and they will use unethical business practices to defraud you of your entitlements. My father had a policy there since the seventies. On his death we have been shocked at what they have done to his premiums and how they managed to sell loans and convince him it was managed through his policy but in the end charging him 300% interest on a loan over time. There is no paperwork or payment or premium schedules to back up anything and customer service refuse to provide information. They have treated us with callous indifference and rudeness as we inquire for further information. They have even told us we need to pay them more money to get information on his case. It's just been sickening. Avoid this company!
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RRSP Redemption Shenanigans

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Rumpledrumskin Oct 08, 2016
...I became concerned 10 days after a RRSP seg fund transfer to a different institution . My account was closed , a cheque supposedly sent by snail mail to the new one . I was told repeatedly the receiving institution must be at fault , it was in their mail room , the cheque was sent on such and such a date , blah , blah . When the receiving institution contacted London Life they were told there was no cheque to cancel , that it had been mailed...for the first time , just two days ago !! Disappointment is an understatement . It cost me money and time to chase these scoundrels only to find it was a complete waste of time and I am not happy . Is there a professional standards branch to whom i can seek recourse , does anyone know ? Please and thanks...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Marc from Kitchener Oct 07, 2016
...My Wife passed away from breast cancer, we took policies together, London life Made a mistake and entered my birthdate on her policy!!! As a result they have refused to pay out the full face value of the policy! The agent was also made aware of this issue by London Life and made no effort to contact us and have this corrected! I guess he got his commission so who cares! There is concrete proof that this was 100 percent London Life's error and they are exempting themselves and their agent from any responsibility!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! I have now retained a lawyer to fight these people!..
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Took money after cancelled

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Upset and hungry Sep 15, 2014
...It may sound harsh , but when you are on a strict budget after moving across the country. Start a new job, pay rent hydro ,etc. And you only have a couple hundred dollars to live on. For London life to take $345 out of my account ( all I had for grocery money for the month ) on an account that was cancelled in August after jacking my monthly rate from $78 month to $345 , we told them we simply can't afford it. Cancel it imagine the shock to open banking this morning and see the payment once again taken out if our account. When it was cancelled last month!!!!! I have no idea how long it will take to get this money back from them, my bank has been notified to never let London life ever take money out again!...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Unfortunate Victim Jun 12, 2014
... Started a policy in the 80's, and 23 years of payments vanished because of some bogus loan that was made on the policy. Try to do anything about it and all they do is just give you the run-a-round and treat you like crap. Months later, investigations are still going on and no intentions of getting anything done. This Company is full of FRAUDSTERS AND DELINQUENTS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE...
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Do not trust London Life

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Ihatelondonlife Feb 24, 2014
I just had a nightmare experience with London Life’s Participating Life Insurance. All they want is your money. The so called “Financial Adviser” has excellent cheating skills. He sold me the insurance with a premium that accounts for more than 1/3 of my salary, and told me the amount can be reduced next year. He hides the fact that reducing the premium “next year” leads to lossing about 1/3 of the premium I paid in the first year. Why he hides the information? Why he insists of reducing it in “next year”? It is because his commission for the first year is Huge, Huge. The commission would belong to him once the first year passed. What I loss would be what he earns, that is the key. I cancelled the policy and naïvely made complaint to London Life. DO NOT believe London Life’s Complaint Office. All it does is to protect their “Financial Adviser”, therefor not return my money. They turned me down by using two kinds of “proves”: First, “You signed the policy…” Yes, I signed the policy, but it is a result of cheating, which is what I am complaining for! If signing a policy can be used as reason of turning a customer down, are there any other complaint cases? I don’t know if the Complaint Office has no logical mind or just playing a game with me. Second, “a note from the “Financial Adviser” saying he explained everything to you...”. The fact is he did not write anything at the meeting with me. It can be made up any time after when there is a need. On the other hand, I provided a real Hand Writing note by the “Financial Adviser” to prove he was cheating me, guess what, London life complaint office just ignored it. It is such unfair! Do not deal with London Life!!!
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