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AVOID this comp Read impt info

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Federal employee Sep 06, 2018
...This company is incredibly difficult to get information out of regarding your policy. You will play the phone pass game over and over, with no one claiming to be able to get the most BASIC information to you. They are not able to readily tell you the most basic information about your policy and will make you wait as long as 2 weeks before they can get basic info to you. E.g. "what is the overall total amount I have paid into this life insurance plan?" This company has purposely kept my elderly parents in the complete dark about their policy. We went to see an advisor (Freedom 55 representative) who also admitted he was completely without information from London Life as they refuse to pass information on and make very purposeful obstacles so that people don't see what a shaft they are getting from the company. It's a corporate marketing ploy. Elderly people just give up and won't fight it, or fight to remove the obstacles for information. The letterhead my parents have received for 25 years looks like it is typed on an old-school key typewriter, and there are no phone numbers or websites on the page. I can't believe it. AVOID AVOID...
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Customer service useless

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by unhappy Aug 25, 2015
...Called several time about a policy, did not get any anywhere. Next step Ombudsman and BBB Rating should read 0...
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they won't let me cash out!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Julie P Sep 30, 2014
...I decided to cash out my Freedom 55 account since I have another life insurance. At this point, I've called every month for 3 straight months, spoke to 3 different people, was given 3 different stories. Finally I spoke with an agent who had me fill out a bunch of forms. I sent them in.....and she promptly sent me a whole new set of the same forms. I've been trying since May 2nd and its now almost October...
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