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Unethical business practices

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by DJI Feb 20, 2017
...Absolutely astonishing this company is allowed a license to practice insurance. Anyone considering LL should look up the class action lawsuits against this company, and the reviews on here and understand that while you may have a friendly agent behind a desk selling you a policy - when it comes time to collect on a policy, you will find out that behind the scenes the company has no electronic records, horrific customer service and they will use unethical business practices to defraud you of your entitlements. My father had a policy there since the seventies. On his death we have been shocked at what they have done to his premiums and how they managed to sell loans and convince him it was managed through his policy but in the end charging him 300% interest on a loan over time. There is no paperwork or payment or premium schedules to back up anything and customer service refuse to provide information. They have treated us with callous indifference and rudeness as we inquire for further information. They have even told us we need to pay them more money to get information on his case. It's just been sickening. Avoid this company!
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Not sure if you can qualify for life insurance with existing health pre-conditions? Let us to help you with a no medical life insurance quote , meaning that you do not need to pass a medical exam to qualify for a life insurance policy.


(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Marc from Kitchener Oct 07, 2016
...My Wife passed away from breast cancer, we took policies together, London life Made a mistake and entered my birthdate on her policy!!! As a result they have refused to pay out the full face value of the policy! The agent was also made aware of this issue by London Life and made no effort to contact us and have this corrected! I guess he got his commission so who cares! There is concrete proof that this was 100 percent London Life's error and they are exempting themselves and their agent from any responsibility!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! I have now retained a lawyer to fight these people!..
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they won't let me cash out!

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Julie P Sep 30, 2014
...I decided to cash out my Freedom 55 account since I have another life insurance. At this point, I've called every month for 3 straight months, spoke to 3 different people, was given 3 different stories. Finally I spoke with an agent who had me fill out a bunch of forms. I sent them in.....and she promptly sent me a whole new set of the same forms. I've been trying since May 2nd and its now almost October. I can't tell if they're dishonest or just remarkably unintelligent...
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Did you know there is a 35% chance of developing a critical illness before you are 65 and 65%-70% chance before you turn 81? That means getting a critical illness insurance quote is no less important than getting life insurance. Your choice.

Life Insurance and Investment

(4.0 out of 5 stars)
by Loyal Client Jun 04, 2014
...I have dealt with London Life for almost 40 years, from a claim on my late husband's disability insurance to his death benefit, and now my financial investment, I had no problem in customer services whatsoever. It is a very reputable company. I read some of the bad feedbacks from other people. It appears that the problems are with the individual London Life Representatives and not the company. It is very important to have a honest understanding working relationship with your representative. If you are not happy with him/her, call the head office and let them know. But as far as trusting the company, there are no concerns...
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(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by ainsley May 31, 2012
...They were very helpful to my family when aunts and uncle died.....all of their policies were with London Life...
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Planning to get life insurance to protect your family, including children? Make sure that you get enough coverage. According to studies, it takes about $250,000 in total to raise a child to the age of 18 (and that doesn’t include any post-secondary education costs).