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Dental Insurance - Don't trust

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sherri.m Feb 13, 2019
...We, unfortunately, don't get a choice as insurance is chosen by my husband's company. We could not figure out why my son's dental visit was not fully covered but mine was. My husband called and asked and they said that between ages 8 and 12 they get 8 units a year but can only use one unit at a time. That means you would have to take your child to the dentist every 6.5 weeks to use the 8 units. 1 unit is 15 minutes. So take them every 6.5 weeks for a 15-minute appointment. My husband asked how anyone would be able to know this as there is nothing anywhere on their website, on our account page, or in any booklet anywhere that tells us these important details. She acknowledged that and said we should maybe do a pre-authorization before every appointment. I have 4 kids. How much does it cost them to do a pre-auth every time? Likely more than allowing my son to use his 8 units better. I told our dentist office about this and they were flabbergasted. The representative simply told us to take it up with our HR office but they likely have no idea about this like the rest of us. It feels like they could just make things up as you go. There is zero proof this policy exists except that they said so. They had nothing to show us or send us. I don't trust them at all...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by MonstroMart Dec 23, 2018
...Can't log in their website. There are 6 simple fields to fill and when I submit the form to create a user, I get a "something went wrong" error. Tried on Chrome, Firefox, IE 11 and Edge. I'm a developer myself and I would be fired if I would be that bad. A generic "something went wrong" error for a 6 fields form ... Reading the reviews I'm not alone to have a problem registering with their website. Can't pay online. Yup, I follow the instructions provided and it doesn't work. Calling them is a waste of time too. They prefer to blame the users instead of actually working to resolve any issues they have with their online services. My mom got this insurance for me when I was a baby. That's the only reason I keep paying it with a check by post (hello 2019). I'm afraid they won't pay a penny if something happens though. I would drop this scam asap if my mom had not paid for it for 20 years ...
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no refund

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by janders Jun 08, 2018
...They messed up my coverage and overcharged me by 420. I'm not a millionaire and that hurt. Each weekly pay they promise to pay it back. They never do. Total fraud. Would never deal again with them...
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