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by Mary Mar 20, 2020
...My extended medical changed to Manulife this year and it’s been errors, frustration and miscalculations ever since. How does a big company like Manulife not know how to add simple math folks. They even cut us off with no notice! This is serious because we pay out about $600 month to prescription.... many phone conversations trying to figure out why with a person on the other end of the phone I couldn’t understand because of her accent... Philippine maybe? They do not reimburse us at the percentage we’re supposed to be reimbursed at. We lose money every month. Still emailing and phoning.. they ignoring me. This is unacceptable! I think they think people will just get so frustrated and just give up. Rip off...
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Terrible customer service

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by michael1123 Nov 05, 2019
...For many years, when I needed to call customer support, I had to wait half an hour, at least, and sometimes not get an answer at all. At every medical facility I have been in, staff members complain that Manulife is the worst they have to deal with...
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