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questionable legal practices

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by bluebeard Apr 01, 2019
...Their customer manager sent me information and dates clearly not the same as with their official terms and policies. When questioned their practices, they ignored your questions, and the best part is their official complaint page returns a page not found error when submitting and no one at their complaint department to pick up the phone calls...
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Manulife Follow Me: Bad Choice

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by kent.r Jan 25, 2019
...I have been a Manulife Customer since 2015 - in 2017 my wife went to Podiatrist. Our understanding was you had a limit of $500.00 per year. My wife underwent treatment at a certified Podiatrist to the tune of 600.00. Manulife would not cover the cost of treatment at all. Called their Customer Service Line and the Rep did not understand why they did not cover the claim to the set limit. Indicated he would get back to me - he did not. Called them again and an agent said they will pay for the visit to the Podiatrist (which they did not) but not for treatment. I asked if this same policy applied to a Chiropractor and she said yes. So I asked her the following: "so if my car was having a problem, I could take it to a mechanic, who could tell me the issue but I cannot get coverage to fix the problem ... so why go to the mechanic in the first place?". She went silent. Manulife just sucks for a personal Follow Me plan - I suggest you look at Great-West Life or the folks from Blue Shield. Manulife and their agents are either dishonest or poorly informed on their own program offerings. Look elsewhere!!!...
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