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Stay far away

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by medic Jul 04, 2019
...I was denied for STD from Manulife for mental health reasons. All supporting documents were provided, from psychologist and family doctor. They straight up lied on the reasons they provided for a denial. Saying it wasn't deemed severe enough. I was deemed very high risk by my doctor. That should have been a no brainer for any insurance company. Manulife denied it again and the appeal. Talking to my doctor, he said every time they have to deal with Manulife, they have nothing but problems. They said they are the absolute worst company to have to deal with. They failed to return any phone calls my doctor made to them. Refused to return my phone calls or even tell me the conclusion of their assessment of my case. It's simple, they provide the cheapest rates and deny as much as they possibly can. There is no customer service...
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Short term disability

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Mandy Jun 14, 2019
...I've been on STD since February through my employer. Manulife consistently makes me jump through hoops in order to pay me, constantly requesting additional paperwork from all of my health care providers. My case manager is incredibly unreliable, never answers my emails, and never contacts me when they say they will. I've had to phone them numerous times to be updated with information, meanwhile, I'm behind on Bill's, have absolutely no food, and can't refill my medication. Mental health leave of absence is supposed to allow someone time to heal with adequate assistance for their wellbeing. This has been the total opposite in that being on leave is more stressful than working would've been...
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Employee Group Benefits Plan

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Still Trying May 11, 2019
...Almost every claim with them is initially rejected or delayed for invalid or illogical reasons and involves consistent follow-up time, stress and aggravation. Below are just a few examples. Example 1: I have coverage only for myself; I do not have my spouse or anyone else as a dependent with them. However, for a standard claim for myself, I was told that I need to set up “Co-ordination of Benefits.” The claim I submitted was for myself. Therefore asking for “Co-ordination of Benefits’ does not make sense. Eventually, the claim was paid after several attempts and other incorrect replies. Example 2: For a straight-forward eye-exam (my coverage is 50% every two-years), and this exam was well over two years from my last one, they did not pay up-front saying that they need to “review and adjudicate” the claim before approving the payment. This was only a $59.00 payment, and should not have required any review as it is part of my standard coverage. It should have been paid automatically. The Health Tier I selected & paid for includes eye-exam, therefore this review is unreasonable. Example 3: I submitted a claim online with the dentist’s name, address, phone # etc. clearly entered. The claim was not paid and when I followed up they sent an email stating that “we need the name of the dentist who provided the procedure.” Note: It is impossible to submit an online claim without entering the practitioner’s info; the system would not allow a user to proceed without it. When I pointed out that the info was indeed on the claim, they then said they need the procedure code (which I had also provided). I then provided every bit of coding and detail (on a phone call to them) but still not good enough, I had to re-mail paper-work. At the time of this review, the claim is still pending. Finally, trying to have anything paid from my Health Care Spending Account balance is a nightmare...
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Impossible to get claim money

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Upset May 06, 2019
...They continually request additional paperwork. I spoke with a customer service agent on the phone and she walked me through the entire process. I had issues prior with not submitting enough documents, so I decided I would submit every single document and receipt associated with the claim and they still required more, specifically the name and address of my doctor, which would have been on the initial paperwork. I called again today and was given a completely different method of filing claims, and told to disregard the previous information. This has happened with every single claim, I've never had this issue with other companies...
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Dishonest Manulife reps

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by bebopbopper Apr 11, 2019
...I fractured my ankle and went on short term disability for a month. After asking a simple question about whether or not I was entitled to physiotherapy recommended by the surgeon, under short term disability, the case manager avoided my question and went off topic, minimizing the severity of pain I was feeling. The case manager then deferred to the group benefits department. The group benefits department lied to me by omission. They said I wasn't covered for my physio past the $200 a year, but failed to mention I could carry over the amounts into my healthcare spending account the next year. I only found out this information from my employer. The case managers are not true managers in the sense of the word. They just parrot a script. I'd have a better time speaking with a chatbot. At least chatbots have an excuse for being soulless...
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Manulife Follow Me: Bad Choice

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by kent.r Jan 25, 2019
...I have been a Manulife Customer since 2015 - in 2017 my wife went to Podiatrist. Our understanding was you had a limit of $500.00 per year. My wife underwent treatment at a certified Podiatrist to the tune of 600.00. Manulife would not cover the cost of treatment at all. Called their Customer Service Line and the Rep did not understand why they did not cover the claim to the set limit. Indicated he would get back to me - he did not. Called them again and an agent said they will pay for the visit to the Podiatrist (which they did not) but not for treatment. I asked if this same policy applied to a Chiropractor and she said yes. So I asked her the following: "so if my car was having a problem, I could take it to a mechanic, who could tell me the issue but I cannot get coverage to fix the problem ... so why go to the mechanic in the first place?". She went silent. Manulife just sucks for a personal Follow Me plan - I suggest you look at Great-West Life or the folks from Blue Shield. Manulife and their agents are either dishonest or poorly informed on their own program offerings. Look elsewhere!!!...
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STD denied for the sake of it

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by mee2709 Dec 15, 2018
...I got a severe ear issue as my work profile is to take 30-40 calls a day and I work in the sales environment. I got tinnitus, which is a ringing sound on an ear, and I also got sensorineural hearing loss, high pitch distorted sound. I submitted an STD claim in 2017 for 2 weeks was approved but then the symptoms happened again in 2018 October. Right from day 1 STD case manager wanted to reject this claim as I could feel from her behaviour. She also said she doesn't think I have a severe condition that I can't work. She took an interview over the phone than asked for docs forms, again she asked for proof of docs. Finally, after submitting everything, she went specifically for a medical consultant to review the claim. And guess what? It's REJECTED... after freaking 2 months... she didn't guide me neither told me anything as for how to process this claim whatsoever. I am in such a big financial stress right now that I can't even work properly. One side is my ear issue, which causes me a headache, as well as another side, this financial stress, I don't know how I am motivating myself. I won't spare this company though, please spread this word. Let's finish this fraudster company existence...
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(4.5 out of 5 stars)
by LTD NS Dec 08, 2018
...Wow, the negative comments are amazing. No disrespect intended, but all of you saying 3 or 4 weeks and still no cheque have clearly not read your policy. LTD has a 4 month waiting period and you are not paid for it, as does CPP. Manulife LTD pays up to 2yrs (depending on the policy your employer chose) CPP pays till your 65. I was injured 13 months ago and am still disabled. I have nothing but great things to say about my worker and Manulife. My employer sent in to start a claim and told me what to do... First month I drew all of my sick time I had accumulated, while I was doing that I applied for EI sick benefits. That pays for 17 weeks. By the time that was done, all my Xrays, specialist reports and your doctor's chart notes had been received, reviewed and approved. I'm hoping to be back to work in the next couple of months and they are going to help with rehabilitation and ease me back to work. Taking a negative attitude brings negative results and the workers and reps don't make the policy. We have to meet the guidelines for the policy our employers choose. A friend got injured and found out her policy at work doesn't cover short-term or long-term disability. I'm grateful mine did...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Maddiejj Dec 08, 2018
...My husband was hit by a drunk driver while standing outside his patrol car on duty as a police officer November 2016. After using up all of his sick time/vacation time through his employer, he applied for his long-term disability through his work as his medical doctor told him he would not be able to return to policing. His right knee, hip and lower back were injured and he was not able to do the duties required of a police officer i.e. run, bend, lift, sit/stand for any length of time, and there are no sole desk jobs at his detachment (we are a tiny community). He applied to Manulife in June 2018, less than a month after he was given his last sick time pay through his work. In September they emailed us to tell us he had applied too late. ??? It took us until December 2018 (with his lawyer involved!) to get them to see their error. What had happened was that my husband's employer had stated to Manulife that he had "X" number of sick days that he used after he was injured. Manulife calculated those sick days from the day his accident happened to when they thought they should end, which was June 2017. Manulife didn't ask about my husband's work or shift schedule or take that into consideration. Those "X" number of sick days were actually drawn out longer because they were actually doubled because of his shift schedule. He would work for 4 shifts then off for 4 shifts, so out of a 16 day period, he would only be using 8 days of sick time to get paid his normal pay when he was working. Manulife didn't take this into account. And even though they were given proof of income up until May 2018 through his work and his Record of Employment, they still used their own calculations. Manulife took it upon themselves to calculate what they thought his last pay from work was, ignoring the actual letters from his employer, Dr, and filed EI paperwork. And because of that, we are currently in a dire straits position as we only have my income currently to support a family of 5, one of my daughters had to forego university to work full time to help me pay the bills and that still isn't enough. Not to mention now they admit that the days were calculated in error (but they have no idea where they came up with that date of June 2017??) and they are now looking into his disability (to see if he is actually disabled!). It's currently 3 weeks before Christmas, I have no gifts for my 3 kids or extended family, all because they screwed up. Not to mention the legal fees we will have to pay unnecessarily due to their error. We got an email from them yesterday stating they want to send him for a third party assessment by an orthopedic surgeon, so God knows how much longer this is going to take. He is still on the waiting list to see a Dr in the city for his back issues (they said it would be up to 18 mos wait). The man was hit by a car. Seven people including other police officers witnessed it. C'mon Manulife!...
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Claim experience

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sicko Dec 03, 2018
...After being in an accident I messed up my discs. I was on long-term disability then tried to return to work, now I'm off again for 6 months and they haven't paid me my benefits. They lose my paperwork every time or say some other lie. I have a wife and kids who are getting stressed out because I can't help around the house or anything. My back is killing me and my adjuster is causing me to cry uncontrollably. I hate my life and wish I was never born. I read a story about people who have committed suicide because of the stress of their benefits not paying and playing games. It's exactly like the movie Sicko Mike Moore made but in Canada. In 1 case the guy sold everything he had just to survive and ate at the soup kitchen he even sold his TV. They are a huge part of my depression and sickness...
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Dental coverage

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Here we go again! Oct 22, 2018
...I don't understand how 2 insurance companies can disagree on dental work. My primary coverage is with Blue Cross, the secondary is Manulife. My dentist sent me to a specialist (periodontist) due to the poor condition of my teeth. He provided x-rays, report and Blue Cross approved. MANULIFE NOW SAYS NOT ENOUGH DECAY as per their so-called dental consultant. How could 2 other dental providers agree that my teeth require treatment? I am sure Blue Cross also has a dental consultant who REVIEWED. Manulife only wants your money but when you need treatment recommended by a professional, they say they need more information. How many more x-rays do they need, when the initial sent was approved. Wonder what school Manulife's dental consultant graduated from or even if they have the education to assess?...
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(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Aug 21, 2018
...My wife was put on bed rest for the last 8 weeks of her pregnancy. Manulife instantly denied her claim and told her to get back to work, because they believed she wasn't in a position to take off work. Even with documentation from two doctors and her employer they still denied her. Her doctor filed for review and was told she would have an answer in 2 weeks . 2 weeks passed and my wife received another call from Manulife saying the review would take 2 more weeks because they had more questions for the doctor. My wife is about to give birth! Well played, Manulife, you sneaky low life company...
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Worth every cent!

(5.0 out of 5 stars)
by Michael Jul 28, 2018
...As mentioned by a previous post, it seems rather unlikely that everyone posting negative reviews here is a saint and Manulife the devil incarnate. My wife and I recently had to make a claim while out of Canada and were extremely pleased with the service and response that we received from Manulife. The representative was quick to act and put our mind at ease regarding the necessary treatment my wife needed. Filing the claim upon return was rather straightforward and so long as you’re candid and forthcoming from the beginning I don’t believe that they would turn down a legitimate claim. They kindly took the time to help us file all the appropriate documentation and the next time I heard from them was by mail with a cheque enclosed. I might add that we disclosed my wife’s prior cancer and all related treatments right from the start and truthfully had reservations doing so as we weren’t even certain they would approve our coverage let alone payout on a claim... Lo and behold, we were approved for their policy and were in fact reimbursed for every penny of our claim. Manulife and their products have, without a doubt, earned our trust and loyalty!...
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Almost nothing is paid

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Hansen S Jul 01, 2018
...I moved to Canada a year ago from Germany and it is unbelievable how much I had to deal with Manulife so far. Any treatment sent to Manulife is first rejected. We have to chase it, make many calls until they start paying it, and then they found a clause somewhere that says something like: "We can only pay 25% for this treatment". It's really like a third world insurance company. Terrible!...
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