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Stay far away

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by medic Jul 04, 2019
...I was denied for STD from Manulife for mental health reasons. All supporting documents were provided, from psychologist and family doctor. They straight up lied on the reasons they provided for a denial. Saying it wasn't deemed severe enough. I was deemed very high risk by my doctor. That should have been a no brainer for any insurance company. Manulife denied it again and the appeal. Talking to my doctor, he said every time they have to deal with Manulife, they have nothing but problems. They said they are the absolute worst company to have to deal with. They failed to return any phone calls my doctor made to them. Refused to return my phone calls or even tell me the conclusion of their assessment of my case. It's simple, they provide the cheapest rates and deny as much as they possibly can. There is no customer service...
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Coverme Heath Insurance

(2.0 out of 5 stars)
by Menopausal Jul 03, 2019
...We added the drug benefits after my husband's knee surgery and after I started menopause. They excluded anything about his knee or my menopause NOT just from the drug plan, but from anything. Ok. But since then, now 6 years, anything we try to claim they refuse to pay without a doctor's diagnosis showing that it's not his knee or my ladyparts. Cancer pain meds? Could be the knee. Osteopath? Might be menopause. The constant jumping through hoops is terrible and wastes our time...
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Employee Group Benefits Plan

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Still Trying May 11, 2019
...Almost every claim with them is initially rejected or delayed for invalid or illogical reasons and involves consistent follow-up time, stress and aggravation. Below are just a few examples. Example 1: I have coverage only for myself; I do not have my spouse or anyone else as a dependent with them. However, for a standard claim for myself, I was told that I need to set up “Co-ordination of Benefits.” The claim I submitted was for myself. Therefore asking for “Co-ordination of Benefits’ does not make sense. Eventually, the claim was paid after several attempts and other incorrect replies. Example 2: For a straight-forward eye-exam (my coverage is 50% every two-years), and this exam was well over two years from my last one, they did not pay up-front saying that they need to “review and adjudicate” the claim before approving the payment. This was only a $59.00 payment, and should not have required any review as it is part of my standard coverage. It should have been paid automatically. The Health Tier I selected & paid for includes eye-exam, therefore this review is unreasonable. Example 3: I submitted a claim online with the dentist’s name, address, phone # etc. clearly entered. The claim was not paid and when I followed up they sent an email stating that “we need the name of the dentist who provided the procedure.” Note: It is impossible to submit an online claim without entering the practitioner’s info; the system would not allow a user to proceed without it. When I pointed out that the info was indeed on the claim, they then said they need the procedure code (which I had also provided). I then provided every bit of coding and detail (on a phone call to them) but still not good enough, I had to re-mail paper-work. At the time of this review, the claim is still pending. Finally, trying to have anything paid from my Health Care Spending Account balance is a nightmare...
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Not a reason TRAVEL insurance

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Sergejs S May 09, 2019
...Don't see any reason to take Manulife travel insurance because do not cover almost any staff. Unaccompanied baggage; unattended personal property; any personal property left in an unattended vehicle or unlocked trunk; any jewellery or camera placed in the custody of a common carrier; any personal electronic device such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or iPod...
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Maternity leave

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by Tyson May 09, 2019
...I have been in contact with manual life in regards to my maternity for the past month and a half. There have been sometimes I get a manual life employee that is polite but the past few times I have had to be in contact the service is absolutely awful. They do not know their claims process, what a top up is. Tried to put words in my mouth saying I knew more than any of the manual life employees when I, in fact, advise the lady that if she works for manual life you should be a way of the coverage that you offer. She then proceeded to transfer me twice to voice mails. I am due in two weeks, and have been terribly mistreated and spoken to on the phone with these manual people and am incredibly disappointed. I wish I had the ability to change my coverage as they lack communication skills and are ignorant of their own procedures on how to process a claim or what steps need to be taken...
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Dishonest Manulife reps

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by bebopbopper Apr 11, 2019
...I fractured my ankle and went on short term disability for a month. After asking a simple question about whether or not I was entitled to physiotherapy recommended by the surgeon, under short term disability, the case manager avoided my question and went off topic, minimizing the severity of pain I was feeling. The case manager then deferred to the group benefits department. The group benefits department lied to me by omission. They said I wasn't covered for my physio past the $200 a year, but failed to mention I could carry over the amounts into my healthcare spending account the next year. I only found out this information from my employer. The case managers are not true managers in the sense of the word. They just parrot a script. I'd have a better time speaking with a chatbot. At least chatbots have an excuse for being soulless...
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Dental Insurance - Don't trust

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by sherri.m Feb 13, 2019
...We, unfortunately, don't get a choice as insurance is chosen by my husband's company. We could not figure out why my son's dental visit was not fully covered but mine was. My husband called and asked and they said that between ages 8 and 12 they get 8 units a year but can only use one unit at a time. That means you would have to take your child to the dentist every 6.5 weeks to use the 8 units. 1 unit is 15 minutes. So take them every 6.5 weeks for a 15-minute appointment. My husband asked how anyone would be able to know this as there is nothing anywhere on their website, on our account page, or in any booklet anywhere that tells us these important details. She acknowledged that and said we should maybe do a pre-authorization before every appointment. I have 4 kids. How much does it cost them to do a pre-auth every time? Likely more than allowing my son to use his 8 units better. I told our dentist office about this and they were flabbergasted. The representative simply told us to take it up with our HR office but they likely have no idea about this like the rest of us. It feels like they could just make things up as you go. There is zero proof this policy exists except that they said so. They had nothing to show us or send us. I don't trust them at all...
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Planning to get life insurance to protect your family, including children? Make sure that you get enough coverage. According to studies, it takes about $250,000 in total to raise a child to the age of 18 (and that doesn’t include any post-secondary education costs).

Poor Mental Health Options

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jvan Feb 13, 2019
...They cover you for $200-500/year for paramedical but refuse to accept registered counsellors along with psychologists. Psychologists charge +$200/hour per session Clinical counsellor's charge ~$130/hour per session Even though registered clinical counsellors MUST have a master's degree (same as Psychologists--more in some cases). So basically you pay more for less. Refuse to even listen to any reason and give the same standard answers. I understand that counsellors aren't question is WHY NOT?...
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Ask Questions

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by ExCoverMe User Jan 12, 2019
...Belonged to CoverMe.Com for over 5 years. The promotional information and the realities are two different stories. Dental coverage was probably the one area we had the least complaints in and would rate it 4 out of 5 (major dental may not be covered). Medical is 1 to 1.5 out of 5. They have so many unexpected caps so while yes they may cover "..."; it falls under a category and that category has caps, so we presumed we were covered when we were not. If you consider it, companies like this would go bankrupt unless they provided caps, so don't go into it blindly accepting their amazing advertising. Also remember, what the staff tells you means nothing if it is not in writing within the contract and we found answers were less than satisfactory. For us, we decided it would be better to put the cost into a special fund to cover unexpected costs. Bottom line, it was very disappointing...
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covers nothing, misleading ads

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by mdixon Jan 12, 2019
...Rude customer service and NO, they do not cover what they say on the TV ads...
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