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by LTD NS Dec 08, 2018
...Wow, the negative comments are amazing. No disrespect intended, but all of you saying 3 or 4 weeks and still no cheque have clearly not read your policy. LTD has a 4 month waiting period and you are not paid for it, as does CPP. Manulife LTD pays up to 2yrs (depending on the policy your employer chose) CPP pays till your 65. I was injured 13 months ago and am still disabled. I have nothing but great things to say about my worker and Manulife. My employer sent in to start a claim and told me what to do... First month I drew all of my sick time I had accumulated, while I was doing that I applied for EI sick benefits. That pays for 17 weeks. By the time that was done, all my Xrays, specialist reports and your doctor's chart notes had been received, reviewed and approved. I'm hoping to be back to work in the next couple of months and they are going to help with rehabilitation and ease me back to work. Taking a negative attitude brings negative results and the workers and reps don't make the policy. We have to meet the guidelines for the policy our employers choose. A friend got injured and found out her policy at work doesn't cover short-term or long-term disability. I'm grateful mine did...
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Why the negative reviews!

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by lori Jul 25, 2018
...I've been reading the negative reviews on here and it's funny because all of them have all of the info stating how the person did everything right and Manulife did everything wrong. I'm pretty sure if we were to look into each of these claims, we would find fault on the client's side too. I was on short-term, now long-term. I was off for a headache and Manulife supported me because my case worker was really smart enough to find something is not right - just a headache? I couldn't understand either, why was my headache so bad. But I knew this wasn't enough, so I said I'm going back to work. Manulife caseworker said no, let's wait until after the test results. 3.5 weeks later, I find out after testing that I have a brain tumour. I have 2 kids, one with special needs. I don't have long, the tumour is terminal and my wife is freaking out. My caseworker called me after getting my medical and she was sobbing talking to me and I felt she really felt for me. Two weeks later, she called and my wife answered and caseworker asked my wife how SHE and the kids were doing. My wife never talked to her before but was so grateful she asked. See? The caseworker didn't know I had a tumour but based on what she had, she had a feeling something was not right and was thoughtful and caring. Let me tell you, before this, I never had a claim. My coworker was on a claim and we thought he was very sick, we sent him baskets and cards. Found out he was working at another job (VERY SIMILAR JOB) the whole time, went to vacation in Costa Rica and was para-sailing and what not. Oh, I thought you couldn't do "anything" because you were sick like you told us. I had to do extra work because of him for 3 months WITH MY HEADACHE before going on claim myself. The whole time I had a tumour, working extra for someone scamming the system. You think the companies are stupid? Of course, they are going to look at all of the information - especially because of people who scam. Look at your coworkers and people who take advantage too. All of you who think you cannot work because of something minor, or because you have a problem with your coworker, think again - you can work, you choose not to. You are no disabled, you are trying to take advantage then blaming oh the big insurance company. What insurance company has mostly positive reviews? How many people would post a positive review more than negative? For those of you who have a real claim, but got declined, don't get frustrated. Try to figure out what is going on and work with your doctor. You tell your doctor something then he writes it down - that is not medical. That is your journal. Think about that...
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