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Sneaky insurance company

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by Smiley1 Sep 27, 2018
...After being on Long Term Disability by Manulife for 2 years, I was cut off abruptly. I appealed and won. They immediately told me I had to apply to CPP disability. I did and won. I thought they would thank me for doing such a great job on providing medical evidence, and paperwork etc. since now their payments to me would decrease substantially. They went after me with a vengeance to get rid of me for good. They said I had to take a retraining course, and they also listed some jobs I will be able to do after the training. The jobs they listed would not be jobs I could medically do, training or not. I tried to explain to my claims adjustor my concerns, and was told this is not Manulife's concern. I have subsequently been told that I am non-compliant, and my case is closed on a contractual basis, therefore I have no appeal rights. Just like that. Their decision never took into consideration any of my medical history, and my doctor never had a say. Be very cautious with this insurance company. Even if you have a severe, prolonged disability that CPP agrees with, Manulife doesn't care. They will use whatever provision in their policy to get rid of you quickly. As far as I can tell, I have no recourse. Feeling totally helpless in Vancouver...
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