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by Michael Jul 28, 2018
...As mentioned by a previous post, it seems rather unlikely that everyone posting negative reviews here is a saint and Manulife the devil incarnate. My wife and I recently had to make a claim while out of Canada and were extremely pleased with the service and response that we received from Manulife. The representative was quick to act and put our mind at ease regarding the necessary treatment my wife needed. Filing the claim upon return was rather straightforward and so long as you’re candid and forthcoming from the beginning I don’t believe that they would turn down a legitimate claim. They kindly took the time to help us file all the appropriate documentation and the next time I heard from them was by mail with a cheque enclosed. I might add that we disclosed my wife’s prior cancer and all related treatments right from the start and truthfully had reservations doing so as we weren’t even certain they would approve our coverage let alone payout on a claim... Lo and behold, we were approved for their policy and were in fact reimbursed for every penny of our claim. Manulife and their products have, without a doubt, earned our trust and loyalty!...
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