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Worst insurance company ever

(1.5 out of 5 stars)
by Francesca May 23, 2019
...It is the worst insurance company ever. I had to send them twice the copy of the receipt because they lost it. And still, I did not get the money I claimed back. Stay away from them...
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stressful (Disability)

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by jordan.b Mar 13, 2019
...Okay. Let's get things straight here, I would give a 0/5 for Sun Life in the disability sector. 3/5 to the group benefits. I have been off work due to what I have found out is bad ADHD and a myriad of anxiety disorders that I have been dealing with my whole life, and things have started to go extremely bad aka, almost suicide... I have been doing my due diligence with going to my appointments etc. waiting. Going to more appointments. Until I have finally gotten to see my psychiatrist today. When I first applied and got accepted for my disability claim. It took 3 weeks to get anything done. It took two weeks for my case manager to get a hold of me and confirm. Then after that. It took a week for my claim amount and dates to process. Then somehow a whole week to mail me a check... second time I applied for an extension. It took another 3 weeks to get any money. It is extremely difficult to get a hold of any case manager. As for some reason they aren't actually ever in their office. Why? I do not know. This is a benefits company. You are supposed to be helping people who are disabled or in need of help. These people need quick service. Not a lot of people have a whole months worth of savings to back themselves on to these days. May I mention, we also pay into this. So it is basically our money, to begin with, okay? So I have been diagnosed with bad ADHD and three other anxiety disorders along with a stress disorder. So my fiance and I were not able to pay rent due to 3-week delays, which happened twice now. I have been evaluated and strictly told to take 3 months off work for new medication and a strict plan ordered by the psychiatrist. I have left 4 messages in the last 3 days trying to get a hold of a case manager, to avoid the previous almost month-long delays. It is absolutely ridiculous, unprofessional and stressful. Sun Life financial should be stripped of their licenses and removed from the insurance business. People need money when they are not working. Unbelievably horrible service from this company and I am appalled my company uses them for their insurance and benefits. I could go on all day about the bad experiences I've had with Sun Life. But this will have to do. If someone high up in Sun Life reads this on some off chance. There needs to be some changes...
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Waste of time

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by cpedroza Feb 01, 2019
...I have had a few issues come up in the past month. My son has had issues that we had to get resolved, I was not informed that a specialist fee was not covered. I had a claim that was told they cover 100%, but now I'm paying almost 400 out of pocket. Fine, I agree if I didn't hear correctly I will admit my wrong, but they kept passing me by saying 3-5 business days, then another 2 business days etc.... I wanted to speak to a supervisor, supposedly they don't have those?! Okay, wasted my time. 5 minutes later Ty (the individual I was talking to) states, "ohh it says here they have reviewed it on the 25th and the correct information was provided to you." Okay, so if that is the case, why have I been talking to you for 18 minutes and you kept wanting to pass me off, why couldn't this be told to me on the 25th of January, or the second time I called on the 30th, or even at the beginning of this conversation? She then states she was just told she could disclose it now. Okay, by who?! A supervisor, I want to speak with one! Okay fine that is a lost cause, now I have another issue and again I have to wait another 2-5 business days.. like what is happening?! I'm losing money left, right and centre, I might as well just cancel the insurance and pay out of pocket...
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Charging me and not covering

(1.0 out of 5 stars)
by LaneyB Aug 31, 2018
...This is by far the worst company I have ever interacted with (in any industry, for anything). They are currently charging me for vision insurance but do not have me in the system. Because they do not have me in the system, they say they can't be charging me. My paychecks say otherwise. The customer service is slow, rude, and completely unknowledgeable. They are inexpensive because in this case, you really do get what you pay for. The hours of time you spend trying to fix their mistakes is worth so much more than the money you "save". If you care about yourself, choose ANY other company...
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