Life Insurance Trust Seal for Term Canada

Trust Seal: Overview

Life Insurance Trust Seal, Term CanadaCertificate number: 13-07-5168412
The certificate issued to: TermCanada
Broker/Agent license: license #: 96037408 (review official licensing info)
Products offered: All Life Insurance products
Provinces served: Nationwide
Validity: till January 31, 2015

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Trust Seal: Details of the Certificate

Life InsuranceInsurEye Consumer Experience Certificate shows an overall rating for all the insurance products offered by this broker. High ratings mean that consumers are happy about the products offered by the insurers represented by this insurance broker. All the ratings are completed based on the independent consumer reviews from InsurEye Consumer Experience online service and can vary between 1.0 (worst) and 5.0 (best).

Details of Life Insurance Trust Seal for Term Canada

Please consider that the ratings are created in regular intervals, to the certain time points and thus can deviate from the most actual snapshot of reviews.

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What is InsurEye Trust Seal?

Insurance choice is an important moment for everybody. Getting support from a broker in this matter often offers additional insightful and personalized advisory. But how could consumer know if companies, a broker works with, are good and trustworthy? In order to inform consumers better about quality of service, InsurEye awards InsurEye Consumer Experience Certificate.
Rating of each company reflects weighted and aggregated customer ratings across two criteria:

  • Customer Experience – i.e. friendliness of personnel /call center, easiness to reach, correct billing, quick response times, experience of personnel
  • Value for Money – i.e. being cheap/expensive compared to others, fairness of quote, amount of coverage and features for money

Re-using InsurEye Insights

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