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Very unprofessional company

by Angel on Mar 31, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

I’ve been experiencing several difficult situations with this company and unfortunately, the service is below the professional level they are extremely difficult to get a hold of with certain circumstances and issues regarding the policy that would need to be addressed with the insurance directly and also they have no patience or compassionate when they come for the monthly withdrawal out of your account. I have an account with them and I’ve been late approximately twice with the payment they have zero tolerance for someone who is struggling to pay $565 a month in insurance which cost approximately $6700 a year... I have numerous times tried to speak with them and they keep on redirecting me to the broker and also I had a situation where I was behind with payment ask for at least four days of grace. And was denied but not only denied but also told me that if this ever occurs again that I must pay the entire premium upfront which would be $6700. I find it so unprofessional this company should not be in the insurance business based only on how they deal with your customer and also there was a small claim that was put forward to them communicate several times with the broker tells me that we must call the claims department of the insurance company to put in a claim which we did took the claim department to call back within three weeks after the initial claim and still on resolve after a month prior to the three weeks that the claim was put through it is unbelievable how they stay in business, unfortunately...

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