How it all started

insureye-logo-smallOnce upon a time, one of our InsurEye™ founders damaged a rental car while parking in a tight garage. He wasn’t too worried since he had credit cards — and they all must have insurance, right? To his astonishment, he had to pay for the damages himself. Unlike other credit cards, the card he had used to pay for the rental car didn’t have rental insurance. The idea for InsurEye was born. Our services help you, the consumer, understand one of the most complicated products of all: Insurance.

Why “InsurEye”

We have created a service that keeps an eye on your insurance, so you can make informed decisions. InsurEye helps customers to keep an eye on their insurance through useful services such as independent consumer reviews. Knowing how insurance companies treat their customers during different stages of insurance journey (e.g. claims process) allows Canadians to be well-informed and benefit from experiences of other people who shared their reviews. That is why InsurEye.

InsurEye today

Our free service Credit Card Navigator helps you understand the existing insurance coverage on your credit cards. It can also help you choose new cards tailored to your insurance needs. The Credit Card Navigator will save you money on costly annual fees by pointing out overlapping protections — and redundant credit cards.

InsurEye Price Comparison is an innovative, consumer-focused online service that shows you how your insurance spending compares to your peers. Become aware of potential savings through aggregated social knowledge!

InsurEye Insurance Reviews inform you about different aspects of Home, Auto and Life insurance. Find out more about experiences of other consumers and make educated decisions!

We also offer a number of Business Services to insurance providers, insurance brokers ans all small businesses who are interested to leverage online space to grow their business. Drop us a note to see how we can help you.

We constantly work on additional products and features to offer consumers more insights and educate them about insurance! Our whole team believes that when it comes to the insurance, you can’t afford mistakes!