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Federated Insurance
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Use at your own discretion!

by Kay on Oct 5, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

I have been with Federated Insurance for 6 years and have been handed off to multiple agents (like the review above stated) 3 times. That is not a huge issue (maybe the agent no longer worked there or changed positions...fine.) but what bothered me is that I never received any correspondence stating so, so each time I called, I never knew who to speak with. Two years ago, i got into an accident and it was a terrible run around. I never knew where I stood or what came next or who i should be following up with or who should follow up with me (this was my first accident in 14 years). I was informed that my insurance wouldn't increase until things were finalized (they would determine who was at fault, yadda yadda...) thing you know... a nice $1000 added to my insurance. A few days ago I received a letter in the mail from ANOTHER insurance company stating "A little while ago, Federated Insurance Company of Canada sent you a letter advising that we would be providing you with an insurance renewal offer." Excuse me, what?! I felt like I was just handed off without warning and I had no value to this company. A 6 six year record with this company down the drain and I was forced to start from scratch with another company. Well...that i suppose was a minor relief until I opened the letter and saw ANOTHER $1000 increase added to the policy amount. You better believe I spent my entire day at work calling different companies for quotes. I understand insurance increases after after an accident..I get it. It's how everything unfolded that made me feel sour towards this company.

I'm not one to write reviews either but after this experience started reading the reviews of the companies I inquired about and I found value in it. You can take you chances if you wish, but USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

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Should have trusted Insureye

by Honestly Driven on Jun 6, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

I should have read the review above before I signed up for Federated Insurance!

I had nothing but terrible experience with them. Since I've been with them, they switched 3 agents and each time no one follows up with me. They only told me my last agent is gone because I had to chase after them about certain inquiries after 1 whole month! And since it was a new agent, she has to do EVERYTHING over again, which took another 3 weeks.

Now i'm asking for a quote and it has been 2 weeks and i'm still not getting response... been calling them but always left to a voicemail.

This company is extremely slow in response, poor customer service and terrible for claims (Don't even get me started on that). I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE COMPANY TO ANYONE!

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Worst experience ever

by HonestReviews on Apr 14, 2014
1.5 out of 5 stars

I have dealt with couple of insurance before, Statefarm, Cumis, TD, RBC and now Federated. I have to say this company is by far the WORST I have ever dealt with, why? Let me explain,

From the moment I ask for insurance quote and filed my personal information to them, it took them more than 1 month to get back to me with a quote. Every time when I ask them for an update through email ( I work nightshifts so I sleep during the day, so contacting through email is the best for me) they NEVER responded to any of my emails. I have to sacrifice my limited sleep in order to get hold of them.

In January 2014 I got into an unfortunate accident, when I call them during the incident (approx 1am) and ask them to go over my policies once more (so I know if I need to pay for tow) they told me to pay first because they do not have the "authority" at night to review my profile. What does that even mean? When I need them the most, they're NOT there for me.

Finally, I got my car back after nearly 2 months (their adjuster had to review my damage twice because he "missed" something, twice...), but they still owe me a cheque because of a car part I ordered myself in order to get my car back as soon as possible (otherwise it would take longer than 2 months); which they promised me it would be reimbursed. After 1 whole month of waiting (they said it would only take 3-5 business days initially) I was so fed up I emailed them again, and again, and again. Yet, no response AT ALL. So I have to call them again, my claim adjuster said "Sorry, I will file your". So I waited 1 whole month for absolutely nothing. That was 3 weeks ago, today is April 14th and I still haven't received my cheque in the mail. This company lacks initiative, lacks customer service and they never respond to their emails. All they were taught is, "i'm sorry" but I know they don't mean it at all. Since nothing ever gets done.

Please, I don't want anyone going through the same trouble as me, I hope no one ever have to deal with this company ever. Absolutely, the worst experience ever. I wish I can cancel my contract with them right away and not having to wait another 6 months

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