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The Guarantee Company
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Vindictive insurance company.

by DaneMac on Oct 17, 2018
1.5 out of 5 stars

Over my last year with Guarantee I had 3 late pays, 2 of which were paid within a week of the initial date. My last one ended up being my last, they cancelled my insurance 2 weeks before my last month (paid for) came up, with no way to rectify it. Effectively making my future insurance more expensive. I'd take caution signing up with these guys. Never had any claims either.

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Not the least expensive but...

by Safe & Secure! on Aug 15, 2013
4.7 out of 5 stars

Have had the unfortunate experience of having several auto claims over the past 15 years while insured with The Guarantee Company. In every instance they were prompt in responding to the claim and their adjusters were more than fair in settling the claims in an efficient manner. We've changed brokers over the years but still remain with this company because of the overall value provided between our combined coverage on house, auto and boats/snowmobiles. You'll find better rates but not likely better service!

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