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SSQ Insurance
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Bad customer service!

by Ping on Aug 30, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Lady was rude! My daughter is already listed as an insured driver on my car, but nowhere does her name appear in the declaration. I called to have her name listed as an insured driver on the policy papers and the representative refused to put her name on there, all because my daughter mentioned she might do uber and the insurance said they did not cover uber related damages and said we had to "find another insurer and they will remove our car from the policy". My daughter isn't even doing uber she was only considering it/asking questions and they were already threatening her and refused to put her name on the papers although she is an insured driver. Worst customer service and yes, we will cancel our policy altogether and go somewhere else!

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Customer service is a joke

by Charbel on Aug 22, 2019
2.5 out of 5 stars

Worst customer service I have dealt with, make sure you have a lawyer if you get insured with them...

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A éviter ---Des voleurs

by Mary O on May 12, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

A chaque année une augmentation , j étais pas la fautive lors d une collision .. ma voiture était immobilisée stationnée et on m a augmenté . de 15$ par mois lors du renouvellement .

On effectuant un changement d adresse aprés déménagement , ils ont augmenté la tarification hors que c etait pas le cas avec l assurance de mon mari , le contraire ils ont diminué sa tarification .

C est des voleurs et des profiteurs. service à la clientèle médiocre . Agents non polis.

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by sarah on Dec 18, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

A truck backed into my car while it was parked. They left a note and filed a police report. SSQ requested photos of the damage and then said they would get back to me in a month to let me know what they would cover. A month?! The side mirror is dangling, etc...

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HORRIFIC To avoid at all cost

by dm on Nov 2, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

This is THE WORST insurance company out there. Sure, the price is good. But that's because when you have a claim, they don't pay !!!

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Bad experience

by bob on Jul 17, 2018
2 out of 5 stars

They don't treat their longterm clients like they do new ones. They should try and keep their good clients. Awful

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They are scammers

by Gabo Gesualdi on Aug 16, 2017
1.5 out of 5 stars

I had a problem with my car that should be covered by my insurance, but they are making very strange stories to avoid their responsibility. Complete scam.
Don't do the same mistake I did, go with some other insurance company. Save yourself the headache I'm going trough.

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Awful awful customer service..

by Morth2 on Dec 6, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

The customer phone service are awful awful, arrogant, Abnouxious, very mean and rude, Definitely I will leave after my contract ends with them, these people behind the phone try their best to make you look stupid, and if you say something wrong about your vehicle or insurance, they respond in a lecture way that is very very rude. To name an example, she asked me, can you cover the windshield glass crack with a looney, and my mistake that the line was cutting and i didn't hear the word looney, sooo I said excuse me, she responded rudely, you live in Canada sir, you should know what looney is!! What the hell.. and then again, they say press 9 for English and then a French girl comes on the phone, and she say very rudely I don't speak English and then you are so stupid for them if you ask questions. I don't recommend their service to anyone.. their awful awful..

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SSQ insurance,stolen car,civic

by Fergane on Mar 10, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

hi everyone, please take the time to read this story because you will never want to deal with SSQ insurance again and if you are with them please do yourself a favor and change insurance ASAP.

My honda civic 2013 coupe got stolen 7 months ago, SSQ insurance is our insurance for over 20 years. we have home insurance and car insurance with them, 3 drivers, 2 cars insured with SSQ. 7 months ago my car got stolen. I called the insurance the next open day at the opening to let them know. After a week someone from there calls me to take my story. After that I did not hear from them for the next 60 days. Then the file went to an expert in the field to take over the file, Groupe Mission expert took over. That person came to question me with another colleague, both came to my house trying to intimidate me. asking for 1- my phone bill details and took all my original bills so I have none now and no proof because they needed originals and didn't want to wait for me to photocopy them and bring it back to them.
Let me tell you that person is very rude (his name will remain private but just if you have to hire someone for a job NEVER deal with them because they are rude.
So He came with his back up to my house to question me on my stolen car. (after the insurance calls me twice to take my version) so that is the 3rd time someone is coming to discuss this with me . the insurance SSQ took 2months before sending the file to GROUPE MISSION EXPERT. I don't know why it took so long to start the process.....
Afterwards, this rude person from GROUPE MISSION EXPERT gave back his verdict to insurance which obviously whatever answer he gave, the insurance still didn't give me back my money.EVEN THE POLICE REPORT IS CLOSED and they called me to say "we are sorry but we are unable to identify the suspect, let your insurance know that from us the file is closed and your car remain stolen." even after that they still didn't contact me. In a total of 7 months now the only time i spoke with anyone for this file is 1- when i called 2-when they called back 3-mission expert at my house 4-their lawyer......FOUR TIMES only.....

As of today 7months later, I haven't gotten a chance to speak with the person in charge of my own file from SSQ because of their lack of serious and work ethics. I tried leaving voice mails, tried emails, tried to call almost everyday. How professional is that ???
I have NO IDEA WHO THE PERSON taking care of my file is or sounds like ??
we pay we pay we pay we pay we pay...we pay to insure ourselves and cars and when it comes to an accident they are rude and don't take the time to offer a good service.

After all that, the insurance tells me that i need to speak with their lawyer for a last testimonial. Once we meet, my phone bill was sent to the lawyer who asked me questions about who i called and why did i call them and what did i say to them.....the lawyer asked me for my income taxes card whole private life......

By SSQ losing a car makes you look like a criminal and everything is suspicious to them. EVERYTHING for them not to pay you back. they almost accuse you of being a liar and stealer.

today after 7months that my car got stolen I STILL DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY MONEY for it ANDDDDD I AM STILL paying for my car+ insurance fees....

I first don't recommend anyone to go with these people. They will just take your money and when you will need them. They will never be here for you. I second also recommend you move this story around montreal, quebec,canada, around the whole world to see how people can be so inhuman and leave you standing with no cars and still make you pay for it.

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Worst insurance ever

by Demermf on Jul 5, 2014
1 out of 5 stars

It took 6 months to have the check for a stolen bike. Even with the police report and pictures of bike! This company does not do the followup on the case. We called 10 times to have news about our case. Would not recommand ssq.

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