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by pissed and uninsured on Aug 7, 2016
1 out of 5 stars

I called Allstate to get my motorcycle insured , I told them as my other vehicles come due I will transfer , I told the fella I wanted plpd (public liability and property damage) he said no problem , sent me a pink card , then emailed me and said they would not insure me unless I had collision , fair enough add collision , then once again gave them my credit card number got another pink card , went and renewed my plate and left town on my bike, I get another email from this guy saying they wont insure with just collision it has to be either full comprehensive or just plpd , I told him he was over priced on comprehensive and that's why I was wanting only plpd I reminded him of talking about this at the beginning of our call , anyway I said fine just do plpd and put it thru he said done thanks talk to you later , I am now out of town on a Friday night in the rain and get another email from this kid saying they will not ensure me because it is not a big enough policy for them to carry , but would be happy to do iy if I insred my house and other vehicles with them , but for now we cancelled your pink card ,,,,, no insurers open on the weekend , I cant believe I cancelled my old carrier for these pukes ,, BAD BAD BAD BAD THE WORST EVER

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