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SGI Monopoly Sucks

by tsm on Dec 31, 2014
1 out of 5 stars

SGI's monopoly gives them way too much power. Yes, rates go before a rate review comity but SGI's power and influence leaves the comity as not much more than a pawn.Their treatment of sport motorcycle owners is abusive. Some of their policies cross the line of legality. SGI is a dictatorial regime. Public consultations have participants fed information to bring the outcome they are looking for. The government is unwilling to correct this, instead treating SGI as a cash cow. Some of their policies cross the line of legality. SGI spending on unnecessary programs and policies is driving up prices as is the government union that the employees belong to. The penalty points system is their revenue gold mine built on the backs of our youth. It's time for change, the silent majority is starting to speak out.

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