InsurEye Rules and Guidelines

InsurEye offers you the opportunity to communicate your opinion and give a fair perspective on insurance providers. We really appreciate your comments and the time you take to share.

In order to create a review, you need to be a registered InsurEye user. This allows us to maintain a high quality of reviews.

InsurEye wants your review to help inform consumer opinion and decisions. That’s why we have established some simple rules to maintain a high quality of content:

1. You cannot leave feedback if you are:

1.1 Current employee or distributor of insurance, including insurance brokers, insurance agents, etc.

1.2 Associated with any insurance provider(s) in any way e.g. be compensated for improving or manipulating ratings for particular products or providers

1.3 Promoting any products or services, either insurance or non-insurance related


2. Your comments should be:

2.1 Insightful: fair and sincere, offering additional details to the ratings; e.g. If you give a low rating to a claims service, clarify the reasons.

  • Example, not a useful review: “Terrible claim experience”
  • Example, useful review: “It took company 3 months to assess my claim and another half a year to send me a cheque…”

2.2 Not too short, not too long: min 15 words and max 1,000 words;

2.3 Specific: please share your real experiences and avoid general comments

  • Example, not a useful review: “Good”, “Great company!” or “Terrible service”
  • Example, useful review: “While on vacation in the U.S.A., I slightly damaged my rental car (my fault) but my Auto insurance covered the claim.”

2.4 Consistent with your ratings: very positive or negative comments are fine but require fair justification

  • For example, a following review: "Extremely knowledgeable and helpful customer service that answers all of your questions" is not consistent with a 3-star ranking
  • For example, a following review: “The call center representative was polite and tried to help with advice, but he was not very well trained on insurance products” is consistent with a 3-star rating since it explains both strengths and weaknesses

2.5 Respectful: avoiding rude, abusive or discriminating comments

  • Any disrespectful, rude, abusive and discriminatory comments (including but not limited to age, gender, religion, political views etc.) are not allowed

2.6 Clean and accurate: please avoid using ALL CAPS or expletives.

  • Example, not a useful review: "VERY HELPFUL CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE IN A CALL CENTER!", "@W@#$@ insurance provider has not paid out a full claim amount!"


3. Othe points to consider in reviews:

3.1 You can submit feedback multiple times about the same company as you experience different aspects of service, ie: sales, customer services, claims, billing, etc. Only your latest feedback about the company will be visible to others.

3.2 You cannot solicit for positive or negative votes on any comments.

3.3 You should not include any personal data in a comment, such as but not limited to real names, identity facts, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, financial information, etc.

3.4 You cannot publish any links which are not relevant to your review.

Our multi-level technical and contextual review analysis and assessment helps us to ensure the quality of the information on the site.

In case of violation of these rules and guidelines, InsurEye reserves the right to one of several actions:

  • Not publish your submitted review
  • Ban site access to the violating user(s)
  • Publically share details regarding any person or organization misleading site visitors and manipulating reviews including names of related insurance providers

Let’s create a leading source of aggregated knowledge for all consumers by populating InsurEye with high-quality information. We hope you enjoy our services. Should you have any comments or questions about our Guidelines and Rules, you can reach us at


4. Important to know:

All reviews are the subjective opinions of visitors and not of The average ratings for insurance companies are calculated from all customer ratings for each provider across three dimensions: Customer Service, Value for Money, and Claim Experience. If you have any questions to our approach, you can reach us at