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Manitoba to another province

by NotImpressed on Jun 24, 2015
2 out of 5 stars

Extremely slow, painful and needed money for every form I filled out. They were unable to give me the information I needed to obtain a drivers license on one form (Date I got my drivers license and Drivers Abstract), I had to get a drivers experience and a Drivers abstract. Not sure why this information cannot be put on one form.
Also, the process is very interesting, they can change my phone number, my address, my credit card information over the phone, they can also send my Claim's over the phone but for the Driver's experience I have to put the same information on a form and fax it in (no email availability).

I don't quite understand why this many forms need to be filled out? why information cannot be sent via email or secure website (there is no difference in terms of security mail/fax vs. secure website upload)? Why standard information required for transferring license to other provinces is not a single form and multiple!

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