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WORST Insurance Company!

by Zena on Aug 8, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

Not only is PEACE HILLS Insurance got the highest rates it’s the most non-service insurance company out there! I have been with Peace Hills Insurance for six months and one payment didn’t go through and they CANCELLED my insurance. Being self-employed sometimes I don’t get paid by my customers on time… life happens! Do I cancel my service to my customers if they have a late payment… NO! My business has lost over 65% of its income due to COVID-19… But the insurance companies are still making money and increasing their insurance premiums even though I have a completely clean driving record for 40 years and no accidents.

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absolute fraudsters

by BL on Aug 24, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

This company is the biggest crook out there, my company's van was stolen and Peace Hills denied my claim without any reason. They basically stated I stole my own vehicle. This was in June 2015, in 2019 the vehicle was found as part of a theft ring, notifying the lying thieving crooks, they still denied my claim, they have used every court tactic to fight me. In Edmonton, almost every single lawyer's office has represented Peace Hills, so finding a lawyer to fight them is near impossible. I am out of pocket well, in excess of 100K, this company should have there license pulled for fraud and dishonesty!

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Unorganized and unprofessional

by Chris on Mar 20, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

A week ago I received a letter stating that it took them over a year to realize that they forgot to add my new vehicle on to my insurance plan and I was to pay the full amount in one lump sum. Yesterday, after trying to reason with them over the past week to break it up into smaller, more affordable payments, they denied me and took the full amount out of my bank account. When I posted a similar review to Google yesterday, I was contacted by one of their representatives asking me to email them to try to resolve the issue, so I sent them an email. It’s now been 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten a response from them. It’s pretty funny how a company will reply to you publicly to try to save their image but when it comes down to actually working to resolve the issue behind closed doors, they just disappear. I have since cancelled my policy and moved on to a new company. These people will not see another dollar from me and I encourage you to look elsewhere if you are thinking about signing up with them. I was a loyal customer for 13 years and this is how I was treated. Thank you for your time and I hope this review can save you from having a similar experience.

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Horrible place for insurance

by Stat on Jan 29, 2018
1 out of 5 stars

Way overpriced, rude customer service, cancellation policy is ridiculous even weeks in advance they charge you a arm and leg. Totally regret getting insurance with them!!!!!

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by markevee on Nov 17, 2017
1 out of 5 stars

I called to cancel my insurance two days prior to the renewal date to let them know that I won't be renewing my insurance and to cancel it. Ever since they have been calling me and sending me bills, right out harassing me for a $237 cancellation fee, as they claim I cancelled a day after the renewal date. Something obviously went wrong on their part here as I called ahead of time to cancel. I'm pretty sure they're just doing this purposefully to smite me because I switched to a cheaper insurance company. I wouldn't bother dealing with their terrible service. I've switched insurance companies before and never had to deal with this sort of drama. It's terrible.

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Poor customer experience

by Unsatisfied on Apr 25, 2017
1.5 out of 5 stars

Been with them 30 years. Had a not at fault collision. Lady turned left in front of me and I T-boned her. Peace Hills tells me I can have a rental car but if it is my fault they will charge me! I have coverage for this. I advise that the other party was charged by police but they don't believe me. Proof was subsequently provided.
I had my vehicle towed to my driveway. Don't let them take to an impound yard or you will get charged for that. Vehicle is written off and Peace Hills makes me a low ball offer on the vehicle. I owned it for 3 months and wanted what I paid for it. They tell me I can rent a vehicle for 3 days only from date of unaccepted offer. In the meantime I can research values for the same model and provide to them for review. I provide several equivalent vehicle values and black book value and they relent. Then, I ask for the GST over and above the value as I bought the replacement from a dealer. They say, oh ya, we will pay for that but I HAD TO ASK for it. Remember, to insure the new vehicle I had to provide the bill of sale to insure it! They knew it was bought from a dealer.
When I went to transfer title of my wrecked vehicle and pick up my cheque the bill of sale doesn't have any GST on it. I say where is the GST on the bill and was told "trust us".
All through the process, they did not trust me at all but I had to trust them.

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No complaints

by Happy on Feb 26, 2017
5 out of 5 stars

Been with Peace Hills for around 2 decades, multi-auto plus home. Had one not-at-fault claim where my car was totalled. The other guys' insurance was paying it but I was not happy with the final dollar figure payout so I dealt with my adjuster (the same one throughout) & I was paid what my car was worth in exactly 30 days from the accident. Within that 30 days a rental was also provided.
I have found Peace Hills service to be very prompt. Emails & phone calls are answered & returned very quickly. I started with one adjuster & she worked with me to the end. Rates are comparable to somewhat less than other companies when I checked. No complaints with Peace Hills.

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Priced 30% too high

by badins on Nov 27, 2015
1 out of 5 stars

We are (were) very long term clients of Peace Hills, and are now shopping for another provider. The problem is their rates. We checked them against a couple other companies just to keep them honest. The result is that Peace Hills is a whopping 30% higher, for the exact same coverage. This is not acceptable.

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