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National Bank World Mastercard
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Expert Review: Variety of generous travel insurance coverages

by InsurEye Credit Card Expert on Nov 7, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

National Bank World Mastercard is a high-end card from National Bank that has an annual fee of $115. It comes with a rich selection of rewards and benefits. This card offers a comprehensive travel insurance package. Several travel insurance features go above and beyond what most Canadian cards have. In fact, the travel insurance features of this card are nearly identical to the travel insurance protection offered by the most exclusive credit card of National Bank, World Elite Mastercard.  

Several insurance features that make it stand out are:

  1. Solid Trip Interruption coverage of $5,000

  2. Travel Medical Insurance with maximal coverage of $5,000,000 covers insured persons aged 54 and under for 60-days trips and those aged 55-64 - for 31 days trips. Even those aged 65 to 75 can enjoy 15-day-long coverage. That is a longer Travel Medical Insurance coverage than most other Canadian credit cards.

  3. Also, the presence of Trip Cancellation Insurance is great though it could offer slightly higher coverage. The maximum coverage today is up to $2,500 per insured person.


As for travel insurance weaknesses - this card does not have many of them:

  1. Travel Medical Insurance does not cover people aged 76 or older. But that is very common for most cards. In fact, many of them have senior age cut off at 65 years.

  2. No Burglary Insurance protection and no Common Carrier Accident coverage


This card has many other useful projection elements for travellers such as Rental Car Insurance, Flight Delay coverage of $500 per person (based on 4 hours delay), Baggage Loss Insurance of $1,000 per person and Baggage Delay Insurance of $500 per person.

Summarizing that all together, National Bank World Mastercard is a perfect card for Canadian travellers who searches for extensive travel insurance protection.

InsurEye LogoAbout the Authour: Alex is an InsurEye team member who is heavily focused on credit cards and the assessment of travel insurance features. He has extensive knowledge of most Canadian credit cards including main banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations. His insights have been featured in such Canadian media outlets as Globe and Mail, Money Sense, Toronto Star, and many others.

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