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30 Year Customer Rejected

by Wendy on Jun 28, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

I've had the Bay HBC credit card for 30 plus years. With the cancellation of the Bay card, I applied at the store for the new NEO credit card. I got a declined email stating I didn't qualify. Okay since I've never had a problem with my credit before. Shame on the Bay. I just won't be shopping there any longer.

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Terrible customer service

by Disappointed_User on Aug 11, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I applied for Hudson's Bay credit card first in 2017 and then recently in 2020. Both times they rejected me and did not tell me why they made the rejection decision. Instead, they suggested that I contact credit bureaus, although they acknowledge that credit bureaus did not make the decision and will be unable to tell me why Hudson's Bay credit card department rejected me. I called HBC customer services more than 10 times to inquire why they rejected my application when I have only 5 credit cards, a credit score of 800, and a history of 100% payment every month. Very disappointedly, all they can say is that "they are the receiving end, they don't know why their system rejected me, they have limited information, and they don't have a department that makes the approval or rejection decision". They even suggest that I go to a Hudson's Bay store to ask why their system rejected me! Every hard inquiry stays in the credit report for at least 3 years, and HBC (partnered with Capital One) has put 2 hard inquires in my report, but not given me a single credit card or even a reason why they rejected my application. Hudson's Bay Credit Card is simply an unestablished company made of unknowledgeable people that cannot provide any useful service. I will never apply for Hudson's Bay Credit Card again and don't recommend anyone to apply for it ever.

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Very poor service !!!

by Kdadadada on Jun 17, 2017
2 out of 5 stars

Their service is very bad. They gave me a credit card which couldn't be used online. Who does that???? In the past they haven't issued a credit card automatically closer to the card expiry date. Very poor service again seems like they don't want me to use the credit card and I have perfect credit history.

No wonder Hudson Bay is doing all these layoffs due to losses. Seems like if they keep this up they will be the next Sears.

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