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Capital One Aspire Cash World MASTERCARD
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Worst customer service ever

by Karl Drowns on Jan 13, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Nothing but problems with this company and Aspire cash card. No customer service rep can help. Awful activation system and horrible customer service. Capital One is sacrificing my service experience with a horrible phone system. Everything about this has been garbage. What's in my wallet? A new card that's not Capital One. You're system of mailing PIN and card and activation separately is a joke. I have had this card for 3 weeks and now again waiting for 10 days for a new PIN. Set my wife's card up no problem. Online is no help. The call center can't fix anything except making me wait 10 days for a new card and they did not send a new PIN as clearly asked for. I will be getting a new VISA and recommend everyone to stay away from Capital One. Thank you for the worst credit card experience ever.

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Avoid the trouble!

by Klahudya on Apr 10, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I applied to a secured credit card about 2 months ago and I paid $300. I did all I needed to do at my end (going to Canada Post to show ID, etc.) and I haven't received the card yet. I called them today to ask for my money back since they took so long already. The guy who answered told me that I needed to wait for 2 billing cycles (2 months) to receive my money back. I was like what??? It is not my fault, the card was never activated and I never received it! The guy says (in barely understandable English) Well, since that's the case, I am closing the card and please call us back in 10 business days to request a cheque for the amount you paid." I was like no way! I need you to refund my credit card immediately, I am not waiting for that long! It is not my fault. Then he hung up on me. I called again and the new lady tells me the same story. I asked her: Are you going to pay me interest on my money since you kept it for so long? And she answers, "well, no, you are only receiving the money you paid back". I am so mad at this company, they are making money out of my money and when I asked for them to return it they asked me to wait for 10 business days before a check is issued. Who is going to assure me that I will get the money back in 10 business days when it has been almost 2 months and I haven't received the credit card in the first place?

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