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National Bank World Elite MASTERCARD
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National Bank World Elite MASTERCARD


  • National Bank ranks #1 among credit card issuers for Customer Experience according to the Forrester CX Index
  • Earn up to 2 points on ALL card purchases without restrictions!
  • Travel rewards you can benefit from during your next trip abroad or for your vacation closer to home, for example for a car rental.
  • Purchase protection such as purchase insurance, extended warranty on your purchases and fraud protection.

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Terrible Customer Service. AVOID IF POSSIBLE.

by MT on May 22, 2022
1.5 out of 5 stars

I would STRONGLY encourage you to AVOID this company and their credit card. Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever experienced.
Firstly, although there appears to be an online chat function, the only way to connect with a live agent is by phone. It takes FOREVER to connect with a live agent. Be prepared to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for even the most simple questions. Unless you speak French, it can be difficult to communicate with the agent too as I believe most of their agents are native francophones, even when you choose the English line.
Lastly, to set up pre-authorized debit, one would have to thoroughly search the website in order to find the pre-authorized debit form, as it is not immediately intuitive. You would have to download the form, complete it, print it then MAIL it or FAX it to NBC. There is no online emailing option or a secure portal to upload your confidential documents. I have no clue how many individuals still have fax machines in their homes in this day and age.
I am cancelling this credit card at the first instance once I have received my rewards.

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Expert Review: Rich Travel Insurance Features

by InsurEye Credit Card Expert on Nov 6, 2021
4.5 out of 5 stars

National Bank World Elite Mastercard is a high-end card from National Bank that has an annual fee of $150. It comes with an extensive array of rewards and benefits. This card features a comprehensive travel insurance package. Several travel insurance features go above and beyond what most Canadian cards have to offer. 

Several insurance features that make it stand out are:

  1. Solid Trip Interruption coverage of $5,000

  2. Travel Medical Insurance with maximal coverage of $5,000,000 covers insured persons aged 54 and under for 60-days trips and those aged 55-64 - for 31 days trips. Even those aged 65 to 75 can enjoy 15-day-long coverage. That is a longer Travel Medical Insurance coverage than most other Canadian credit cards.

  3. Also, the presence of Trip Cancellation Insurance is great though it could offer slightly higher coverage. The maximum coverage today is up to $2,500 per insured person.


As for travel insurance weaknesses - this card does not have many of them:

  1. Travel Medical Insurance does not cover people aged 76 or older. But that is very common for most cards. In fact, many of them have seniors age cut off at 65 years.

  2. No Burglary Insurance protection and no Common Carrier Accident coverage


This card has many other useful projection elements for travellers such as Rental Car Insurance, Flight Delay coverage of $500 per person (based on 4 hours delay), Baggage Loss and Delay protection.

Summarizing that all together, National Bank World Elite Master Card is a great card for Canadian travellers offers protection that is more extensive than many other credit cards today.

InsurEye LogoAbout the Authour: Alex is an InsurEye team member who is heavily focused on credit cards and the assessment of travel insurance features. He has extensive knowledge of most Canadian credit cards including main banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations. His insights have been featured in such Canadian media outlets as Globe and Mail, Money Sense, Toronto Star, and many others.

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I almost think this is a scam!

by disapointedguy on Jun 11, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

I applied because of their marketing of the points program. Have a good income and credit rating and other Elite Credit cards already. But initially, they called me and said they wanted my Driving License as proof of ID and address. I emailed it. Nothing happened for 10 days I called them again and they said oops yeah we have it... After another week got an email saying I've been approved and got the card. When I called to activate, they said they wanted even more proof of address even though they had my driving license. They said other bank statements are not enough, demanded my tax returns! The customer service is very rude, didn't care if I stayed as a customer or not. The whole thing feels like a fishing expedition to get people's info. DO NOT FALL For it.

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terrible service

by FKR613 on Feb 11, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

Disputed a charge online and submitted the documentation, they said they would respond to me within 2 business days. 2 months later they sent me a letter saying I had 10 days to respond to their letter with documentation. Of course, being a busy individual focusing on health problems all at once this was an unreasonable request, especially considering I had already done all that online. I will now be changing products.

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by Rex J. on Feb 11, 2017
3.5 out of 5 stars

i have no problems using this mastercard anywhere I go -for restaurants bars, entertainment or other payments. The insurance is very good on this card, I'm very satisfied with it.

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