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TD Fixed Mortgage
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Credit Booster

by Tulewhale on Jun 19, 2021
5 out of 5 stars

I got my credit boosted up 13 points 2 weeks before applying for this product and I’m satisfied with approved loan amount and terms. Support @ Royalfinancialrescue. Com we’re the credit experts responsible for my credit repair.

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Outstanding MortgageSpecialist

by Sherin & Louie on May 4, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

Given the short time frame to get mortgage approval we asked the agent and she promptly arranged all the documents needed so that it will get done on time. She was transparent, very patient and takes time to review all are documents because my husband and I have multiple bank institutions so it is quite complicated. Everything was handled professionally and she was very easy to reach even she is in a day off. The agent did her utmost to make it a smooth process and get it done perfectly. The level of service was above and beyond our expectations and she helped us navigate all the issues that came up, from an unresponsive and unprofessional mortgage broker who handle our initial 10% downpayment and the worst thing was we both get laid off due to covid19 the broker advice us to wait until we get back to work. We are very happy we arranged our mortgage through her. We couldn't be happier and would not think twice about recommending her to anyone who needs help with their mortgage.

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Almost ruined my life

by kholy on Sep 16, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

I am a customer with TD since 2004. I am in excellent standing with a credit card limit increase every now and then. Zero delayed payments. I have a current mortgage for our condo in Mississauga since 2015. This year we decided to move to a townhouse in Burlington. I applied through my what used to be favourite entity: TD Bank. I got pre-approved. Three months later we picked our townhouse and I applied for the mortgage - approved with no problems. On a Monday, my lawyer called me telling me she received the instructions from the bank to proceed and to come in on Thursday to sign. I went on Thursday and signed my documents as my closing date was the next Monday. Thursday afternoon I receive a call from TD saying that they decided to revoke their decision. No reason was given. One week later and after tens of calls, I still do not know the reason. I got so many calls but no resolution. I had to find another option and get approved in 2 business days to avoid losing my advance $30,000 and to ensure that my family has a place to stay next month. Still, in shock to the treatment I received and what's hurting more is the timing and the fact that I do not know why this decision was made! Speechless and heartbroken.

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