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Desjardins Cash Back Visa
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Poor Customer Service and Unilateral Credit Limit Reduction

by Keeton on Jul 17, 2023
1 out of 5 stars

I recently had a deeply unsatisfactory experience with Desjardins. They abruptly decreased my credit limit without any prior notice, leaving me in a difficult financial situation. To make matters worse, they also cut my financing limit without warning, adding unnecessary stress to my financial planning.

Their customer service is uncooperative, with no access to speak to managers or higher-level representatives. It seems they have implemented a policy that restricts any meaningful resolution or assistance. Even when I spoke to Jenny, who claimed to be an analyst supervisor, she was unable to provide any substantial help and merely read information off her screen, lacking the ability to address my concerns.

I expected better from a credit card company that prides itself on serving its customers. However, their actions have demonstrated a complete disregard for customer satisfaction and financial well-being. Their lack of transparency and the inability to rectify issues have left me feeling frustrated and disheartened.

I strongly advise against choosing Desjardins as your credit card provider. There are undoubtedly more reliable and customer-oriented options available in the market. Save yourself the trouble and seek out a company that values its customers and provides exceptional service.

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They steal people’s money

by pissed off on Jul 16, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

They owe me 586.00 I have been calling for a month and everyone tells me something different. 1 says 5 to10 days another says I should get a check this week and now they say 6 weeks... I have emailed them also they won’t even call me. They piss me off, especially in these hard times. I guess I will have to take legal action.

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