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Walmart Rewards World Mastercard
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Sure wish I could sign in

by Jeremy Nagy on Jan 25, 2022
2 out of 5 stars

My biggest complaints with this card:
Frequently, I am unable to sign in and view my statement. My user name has never changed. And yet, it tells me more often than not that my username isn't recognized.
Second issue: what is with all the pending processes? If I can sign in (which, usually I can't), it never reflects the actual balance I owe. It has "pending" transactions. Despite the fact that those transactions are completed and the product is already delivered.
Honestly, I'm cancelling this card because it's the most frustrating card I've ever actually had. The only reason it gets any stars is that the Walmart reward dollars have been handy.
I find it absolutely unacceptable that the true balance is not shown and that there are constant issues with being able to even sign in and check.

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