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CIBC Dividend VISA Card
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Sorry sorry sorry

by todd1971 on Apr 25, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

This is all you ever hear. It takes forever to get threw your time and money means nothing to them. Most of them speak English but don't understand it. For the past 6 months, you hear sorry for the longer-than-usual wait times. But the only thing that has changed what their new logo. If you have no life this is the card to get sorry for longer than usual wait times yeah right.

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Worst customer experience ever

by YIZHANG YANG on Mar 15, 2022
1 out of 5 stars

The card charges an annual fee of $120 /year which does not justify the benefits it officers, try to cancel the card today on Mar 15, 2022.
1st attempt took about 30 mins to reach out for cancellation, transfer me over to other departments, hold for about 40 mins before my line got cut off.
2nd attempt have CIBC call me back, again have to transfer me over, which is another 40+ mins, reach out to an agent, speak for about 5 mins, then got cut off again.
3rd attempt was transferred over to the cancellation department (they don't give a direct line for cancellation), hold for 30+ mins and the phone got cut off again...
I am in my 4th attempt now, never had to get through this just for cancellation... their online support is terrible as well, cannot even get on the queue to type with a live agent!
I will never be using any products with CIBC, this is definitely learning for me...

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