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They call customers liers

by Rolf Fiesel on Aug 12, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Well if you run it to tuff times like covid 19 or a slow down at work and start making half-payments good luck with you... The first thing is they lock the online account so you can check the account balance to pay them... and then you call them over and over and they say you are still locked out because you are still over .. and of course...
I went to paperless billing in April. They sent me an email on my balance which went... your right!!! It was locked out over and over this went on and on got sick of it really... and know this is a collection issue? Of over 10 years of prompted (my )service? Got my cell phone cut off so I could not call them that's how bad this lockdown has been but now I am up and running it was down only for 2 weeks.

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