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Totally Useless

by Shujaat on Nov 2, 2021
1 out of 5 stars

I was offered a credit card and unfortunately, I accepted the offer. The mobile app did not work most of the time. To call customer service or to get someone on live chat is like pulling teeth. You have to wait for a long time to get someone and when you do, surprise! surprise! The person on the other end is always rude, obnoxious and untrained. Yesterday after wasting a total of 52 minutes on hold, I cut my card and asked to cancel my account. Who needs undue aggravation and waste of time.

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by Judge Jenny on Aug 17, 2020
1 out of 5 stars

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID if you can. This company hurt my credit rating, without my knowledge. The customer service representative was extremely rude! I signed up for this credit card almost 20 years ago when I was a University student because I liked the free t-shirts they were giving out on campus. No meaningful job, lots of student debt, and they kept increasing my credit limit without my requests over the years. That should have been a red flag to how trustworthy they are. 17 years passed. I paid my bills online every month - I never missed a payment. I never really have any problems except aggressive telemarketing. The MNBA I had did not provide any rewards, and so I decided to switch credit card companies to one with a lower interest rate and better rewards. In 2017, I paid my last bill in full and requested an account closure. I spoke to a customer service representative who closed it for me and thanked me for the time with them. I could no longer access my online account. 3 years pass. I do a credit check on myself. I find out that MBNA has reported me to the credit bureau for a "delinquent payment." This is news to me since I was not informed that I even owed anything. After being put on hold for 30 minutes, I got one customer service employee who was pleasant. He said it was likely residual interest, that he would check in to it, and I should call back in a few weeks. A few weeks later, after being on hold for 30 more minutes, I am greeted by an EXTREMELY rude employee, who told me that, yes, I owed $2.94 and, that, yes, they did send me to a credit bureau for this. His claim was that they had informed me that this would happen. Quite obviously, I never received this information. I would have paid a $2.94 payment! I asked if they tried another form of communication - especially when it was something as serious as a credit record and when the customer had many years of exemplary payments. He kept cutting me off, telling me it was my fault, that it's up to me to check my accounts (even though after I closed the account, I had no access to it). Now, this $2.94 charge will have a negative effect on my credit rating for years! MBNA - if you are going to be sneaky and treat customers this badly, at least invest in some employees who are polite! I would say AVOID THIS COMPANY. There are so many other companies who are not this sneaky and rude! I want nothing more to do with them! AVOID THIS COMPANY!

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