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Cutting down on Rewards

by cougar on May 24, 2020
1.5 out of 5 stars

I do not know if I should be thankful to them or not, you decide: My MBNA Rewards card seemed like a really good choice bringing me 1% cash dividends on most of my purchases. Of course I collected points, but I could then get a cash dividend at a rate of $25 per 25,000 points or something like that. Then I had a couple of transactions in 2017/18 that I disputed with them. One was an unauthorized hotel charge of $50, another was a dispute over wrong parts shipped by an auto parts company for which they refused to issue a refund total $75 to $100. They did nothing about these charges that made me upset. At about the same time they send me a new rewards agreement according to which I was going to be collecting "more points" on most items. Down the line they also mentioned that the rewards were redeemed at a different rate, now 50,000 points for $25 (or whatever it was). I immediately picked up a dividend card with another bank! My dividend rewards doubled! Not only that, in 2019 I rented a SUV from National. A rock hit my windshield and cracked it. The card insurance paid the whole thing! If it were my car, I was going to pay at least the $200 deductible on the $1,200 bill. MBNA, I wonder how you feel now that you've lost your fees on $50,000 worth of transactions on my card a year. The $50 you decided to keep on that hotel and the $75 on the parts will not make up for a single month, I am sure. The important thing, however, is that I am happy ;-)

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