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CIBC Life Insurance Company
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Terrible customer service

by Daughter on May 15, 2019
1 out of 5 stars

It should be known to you that when people call your department in regard to their life insurance should always treat with the most timely manner only because they do not call you unless there is a need to. Having said that, it’s easy when you take people’s monthly premium, and yet, when they need to speak to your department to simply update an address, you give them a hard time demanding a whole of paper trails. My mom is 86 years old and doesn’t speak English. I am her daughter and has always been the sole person who could speak on her behalf for 20 years. Yet, all of a sudden, I couldn’t. So they need this and that to be faxed in, in order for me to speak on her behalf. So I faxed in POA and then, they said that didn’t receive it three weeks later. Then I fax it again and was told to wait 48 hours. Keeping this up, I am going to wait for another year before someone will have the answer. So basically, there’s nothing I can do or they can do other than sit here and wait which I’ve been waiting for over 2 months. This is ridiculous! It’s not an urgent matter to you because you already took our money! I can’t imagine what this process is like if we were to make a claim!!! Very disappointed!!

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Excrusiatiing process

by Disappointed Long Term Client on Oct 11, 2018
2 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have been trying to deal with this since May. The main guy we were dealing with trying to get our insurance since May 2018. Apparently, the man we were dealing with did not have proper licensing and continued to go put it off. Finally, in July, a nurse came to take my vitals and information to be sent to the lab. I called in September 2018 only to be told the representative we were dealing with was no longer with the company. Nothing has been sent or completed, absolutely none of the current representatives know what's going on. I call last week at the beginning of October and was told they would call me back. I got a call on Wednesday and was told an underwriter would personally call me Friday. It is now Thursday of the following week and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has any idea what is going on and I got another tentative promise someone would call me back by the end of today. This is so disappointing as before this situation I have had accounts with flawless service with CIBC for almost 25 years. I am concerned the situation is not being taken seriously, which leads both my husband and I to believe the insurance through CIBC is a joke and our situation is not a priority. Hoping someone can refer me to a positive experience with another service they've had as we are patient people but to wait from May to October for a response on status is absolutely unacceptable. Very disappointed and debating whether it's worth continuing being a customer anymore.

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