How Much Do Others Choose to Pay for Life Insurance in Alberta and in Canada

The chart, based on a life insurance calculator for Canada, shows a comparison of term, whole life, and universal life insurance rates that consumers pay for Life Insurance in Canada. Please consider that though these are self-reported data, we found out that many consumers in Alberta are underinsured. Life Insurance premiums will also strongly depend on a number of factors – these are average premiums.

Overall there are several important questions to answer before choosing Life Insurance:

  • How much coverage (e.g. $100,000 or $$2,000,000) do I need and how long (e.g. for the next 25 years to insure my mortgage vs till the end of my life to ensure that my family is safe)?
  • What types of life insurance exist (e.g. Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life etc.)?
  • What provider should I choose – e.g. Manulife, Sun Life, Great-West Life or any other?

When you are getting a life insurance quote with us, we not only calculate the best rate for you based on your needs but also give an opportunity to speak with an experienced adviser who can answer all your questions, address your concerns and explain all insurance details.

Several Numbers You Must Know when looking for Life Insurance in AB

In most cases, your financial obligations will dictate your need for life insurance – e.g. mortgages, lines of credit, need to ensure that your children and love ones have been take care of.

Here are a few numbers to help you when searching for life insurance in British Columbia:

Average property price in Canada, August 2017$472,347
Average property price in AB, August 2017$392,359
Average property price in Calgary, August 2017$436,500
Average property price in Edmonton, August 2017$373,438
Average property price in Lethbridge, August 2017$279,461
Average debt in Calgary, 2016$28,810
Average debt in Canada, 2016$22,081
Average debt in Alberta, 2016$27,956
Average debt in Calgary, 2016$28,810
Average debt in Edmonton, 2016$26,889
Average financial needs to raise a child to the age of eighteen, 2012$243,660


How Do Different Aspects Impact Your Life Insurance Rates in Alberta?

#AspectRate Impact
1SmokingIncrease of 200%
2DrinkingIncrease of 50%
3Your Family HistoryIncrease of 50 – 250%
4Your Medical HistoryExcludes coverage for some deseases
5Your Depression HistoryIncrease of 50 – 200%
6Your Physical BuildDecrease of 25% to Increase of 200%
7Your Driving RecordIncrease of 25% to 50%
8Your GenderDecrease of 25% for Women

Life Insurance Regulation Body in Alberta

Similar to other provinces there is s regulation body in Alberta that regulates life insurance matters, The Life Insurance Council of Alberta. It is one of four Alberta Insurance Councils.

The Councils are formed under the Insurance Act and they derive their authority under a delegation from the Minister of Finance for the province. Together with General Insurance Council, the Life Insurance Council is responsible for licensing and discipline of insurance agents, brokers and adjusters in the Province of Alberta.

Examples of Term Life Insurance Rates in AB

  • Life insurance quote in Calgary for a female, 35 years old, non-smoker, Term 20 life insurance with $250,000 coverage: starting at $17 / month
  • Life insurance quote in Edmonton for a male, 35 years old, non-smoker, Term 15 life insurance with $350,000 coverage: starting at $24 / month
  • Life insurance quote in Lethbridge for a male, 45 years old, non-smoker, Term 20 life insurance with $500,000 coverage: starting at $81 / month
  • Life insurance quote in Fort McMurray for a female, 45 years old, non-smoker, Term 20 life insurance with $500,000 coverage: starting at $57 / month

Life Insurance in Alberta – What you Must Know

How Can You Save on Life Insurance in Alberta?

  1. Smoking impacts your health and insurance rates: Stop smoking well in advance (at least a year) before applying for a policy – otherwise, your premiums will double. Like cigars? Well, many life insurance companies consider smoking more than 1 cigar per month and you won’t be able to get non-smoker rates.
  2. Great medical record drives savings: Having a healthy medical history in the past (not equal to the good current health state in the moment of application) has an impact on your life insurance. If you’ve had serious issues, some potential disease cases can be excluded from your coverage.
  3. Rounding mathematics matters: If you decide to buy a life insurance policy, make sure that your age rounds down and not up, i.e. if you are going to be 30 years old on December 31, buy the policy in the first 6 months of the year where your age is still rounded down to 29 and not 30.
  4. Annual review: Review your policies and coverage every year, since new discounts could apply to your new life situation if it has changed. An example would be your growth of your kid (and as a consequence less funds that you need to keep as reserves) or complete payout of your mortgage.
  5. Annual vs. monthly payments: In comparison to monthly payments, annual payments save insurers administrative costs (e.g. sending bills) and therefore they may reward you with lower premiums.
  6. Diabetes is not easy to ensure but not impossible: Many companies will not cover you but some will and again you’d better rely on a broker who has experience in this field and can help to get insurance and optimize premiums.
  7. High blood pressure cases can mean different premiums with different insurers: Typically high-blood pressure leads to higher insurance premiums but various life insurance providers treat and price those cases differently. Often any blood pressure exceeding 140/90 can trigger higher premiums. Some insurance brokers know those cases better and will be able to navigate you to the company with better rates.
  8. Explore Return of Premiums conditions: Some policies allow getting back the part of the premiums if you have not made use of them – ask your broker to make the calculation for you. Slightly higher premiums upfront can make sense in case of later premiums returns.
  9. Interested in more saving tips for Life Insurance? Get an insurance quote below and connect with an experienced insurance professional to get more tips.

Insurance companies are different: In fact, it matters from what insurance company you get your life insurance quote and buy your policy in Alberta. Some insurers offer more complex life insurance products such as whole life insurance or universal life insurance, other – less complicated products such term life insurance only. Our independent life insurance reviews will inform you about RBC Life Insurance, TD Life Insurance, Great-West Life Insurance, AMA, Life Insurance, Sun Life Insurance and many other insurers.

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